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Cast Classics expands

Joint venture will boost production

LYNDHURST, N.J. - Cast Classics, a manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture, has inked a deal that will result in a dramatic increase in production for the 2014 season.
Cast Classics and Shanghai Metalworks have formed a joint venture with Zhengte Leisure Products, Ltd., a long-time subvendor owned by Yunghai Chen. The parties have created a new entity in China and constructed a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located about four hours north of Shanghai Metalworks' current facility.
"We have found it increasingly more difficult to add capacity as demand has grown for our product over the past few years, and this will relieve us of this restraint once and for all," said Al Arad, president of Cast Classics. "Labor shortages in the city (Shanghai) continue to make it difficult to increase staff size and continue to hold us back from being able to meet demand. We are currently sold out thru the end of May as a result, which is frustrating to say the least."
The new facility will begin to operate this month and will run parallel to the current facility for the first few months. All equipment and staff from the current facility will eventually be moved to the new location when it is completely up to speed.
"The employee retention is far greater than we could have ever anticipated," Arad said. "Nearly 90% of our current team will be making the migration to the new facility once when all is said and done. This is an amazing percentage and we are very grateful."
Arad added the deal includes a substantial capital investment in new equipment and technology. "Not only will our capacity be greater moving forward, so will our technical manufacturing capabilities," he said. "We are excited about the possibilities. The sky is the limit now."
For more information, call Cast Classics at 201-896-1515 or email