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Boost sales via marketing techniques using 21st century technology

There is a quick way to boost your sales, but you must start now.

Brad Lloyd -- Casual Living, November 1, 2009

Brad Lloyd

There is a quick way to boost your sales, but you must start now.

Learn how to grow your business quicker than you ever thought possible. Discover these proven secrets now.

Create more market penetration quickly and easily with these amazing, revolutionary 21st century marketing techniques.

Are you doing the same things and expecting different results? Confused? Worried about the future or just plain mad? Maybe you feel like barfing when you hear about the pitiful economy. Are you hearing the overhead when you're looking at an empty store?

Here are some new realities you may face:

  • What used to work, Yellow Pages, etc. doesn't work anymore.

  • Retail furniture stores are being hit hard by the current recession. Sales are off by 40–70%.

  • You're confused about how to use the Internet. Your Web site was expensive, but isn't increasing your business. How can you find out how to make this work when you can't afford to make a mistake?

  • You're confused about technology. What is Twitter anyway? Social Networks?

  • How do you choose where to even start?

  • You're spending money on marketing, but nothing is measurable. You don't really know what's working and what isn't.

I have good news for you. There's hope!

We may have 10% unemployment, but we do still have 90% who are employed.

Last month, there were more than 120 million furniture-related searches on Google. Somebody's in the market for furniture. And, some of them are buying furniture.

It's complex, but we will guide you in the right direction. This three-part series of articles will help, and we'll keep providing information via

Many of your competitors are confused about how to find the right customers via the Internet. You can get a head start and get ahead of them.

Five market breakthroughs

Here's some advice for getting the right customers into your stores:

  1. Capture your customers when they search online. Use affordable Internet advertising and marketing.

  2. Build a list of Search Keywords. Know your customer and what they want to buy.

  3. Have a persuasive Web site that entices the right customers to come to your store and provides their e-mail addresses.

  4. Follow-up. Build relationships with everyone who expresses interest, and have them think of you when they are ready to buy. As a special bonus, you'll get more repeat business.

  5. Measurement — Know what's working and keep making improvements.

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