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Achievement in Set Design

Imagine walking down the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre the night of the Oscars because you are one of the nominees for Achievement in Art Direction for the Best Set Design in a Motion Picture. Set design helps tell a story on a stage in a finite amount of space, much like a furniture showroom or retail store. It is important to develop a visual statement that inspires energy and excitement while creating a mood and atmosphere. Innovative design will set you apart from your competition and allow you to stand out and captivate your audience.

Whether you are a manufacturer or dealer, you must arrange the scenery in a visual representation intended to arouse emotion and guide your customer inside. This can be accomplished in a number of different ways, through the use of colors, themes, textures and aromas. Appealing to customers' senses will cause them to stop, look and feel which will affect their decision to stay a while. Once you have captured their attention you will encourage sales.

Color is a powerful psychological tool that can promote sales. You can choose a color to make a bold statement. Red is an emotionally intense color that has high visibility; use it as an accent color to stimulate customers to make quick decisions. Orange is the color of sunshine and the tropics and it can be used to capture attention and highlight the design. Bright yellow is an attention getter; green is the color of nature, suggests stability and endurance; blue is associated with tranquility and calmness; purple conveys wealth and extravagance; and white suggests cleanliness while black is powerful and elegant.

There are a number of ways you can use color in your showroom or store, make a statement in the window to capture attention by using red or bright yellow, or combine two colors that accent one another like black and white throughout your showroom to persuade your customer to recognize the worth and desirability of your merchandise. Tell a story throughout by promoting color combinations in fabrics, textures, finishes, accessories and wall coverings.

Themes are ideas conveyed by the visual experience. You can choose to set up a display of the seashore, rainforest, Mediterranean villa, coastal cottage, mountain cabin, urban setting or back yard barbecue. Create a seamless and efficient flow throughout the showroom for ease of movement and sensory impulse. To accurately design a set, incorporate accessories that relate to the theme, for the seashore use sand, shells, fish, and water. In a mountain cabin setting you will find carved wood animals, fireplaces, copper kettles, and hunting or fishing gear.

The art of coordinating all the physical aspects within the environment includes window displays, signage and lighting to showcase the business, its merchandise and promote customer sales. Allow your ideas and visions to come to life, inspire a place or an experience.

Be the next one to walk down the red carpet toward the coveted Achievement in Set Design. Captivate! Inspire! Promote sales!

Beachfront display, above, features O.W. Lee Makai chaise, double ottoman and sofa in green, the color of nature, and blue, suggesting calmness.

This Rainforest display makes a lifestyle statement with O.W. Lee's Monterra Deep Seating Collection plus add-on accents.

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