DuraCord launches environmentally friendly recycling program

Products include auto door handles, trunk liners, air filters

DuraCord, manufacturer of DuraCord Textiles and DuraCord rope products, has launched an environmentally friendly recycling program that processes and recycles all DuraCord products. Marketed as DuraCord Recycles, this program offers end-consumers the option of returning any DuraCord product to DuraCord’s Greenville, N.C., facility to be recycled into other useful products and avoid ending up in land-fills.  
DuraCord yarns currently make up the long-lasting, weather resistant fabrics of DuraCord Textiles as well as rope and yarn for Hatteras Hammocks, Pawleys Island Hammocks, Sawgrass Mills Outdoor Rugs and Hatteras Outdoors woven furniture made with DuraCord. The production process of DuraCord yarns has always followed an environmentally friendly manner due to the lower temperatures required and lower water consumption during the manufacturing process. 
DuraCord fabrics and yarns from hammocks to rugs will be collected at DuraCord’s North Carolina operations and shipped to reclaiming and conversion facility. End products of the recycling process include automobile door handles and trunk liners, air filters, household radiator fans, flowerpots and weed block fabrics. 
“DuraCord has been the answer to outdoor durability with the hand and softness of natural fibers,” said Carlos Arosemena, business development manager for DuraCord. “We feel personally obligated to encourage our customers and consumers now to be environmentally aware of all possible ways to reuse these yarns. DuraCord Recycles provides the opportunity for yarns to be regenerated into other useful, everyday products, and in doing so, reducing the impact the yarns have on the environment.”