Simcoe Outdoor Products introduces outdoor furniture

Furniture manufactured by Basa Castings

Simcoe Outdoor Products is launching a collection of outdoor furniture that blends the sturdiness of cast iron with the lightweight quality of aluminum. The furniture is made from solid permanent mold-cast aluminum, allowing it to be light enough to rearrange easily yet robust enough not to blow over.

Permanent mold technology offers consumers significant advantages over other methods of manufacturing patio furniture. Unlike lower-cost, sand-casting techniques, permanent mold castings are stronger and more accurate. This innovative process uses precise steel dies, similar to die casting, but without that method’s highly specialized — and very expensive — equipment.

“By using only the best-quality alloys we are providing an environmentally responsible choice and stylish pieces that will last a lifetime,” said Andrew Hill, president, Simcoe Outdoor Products.

Simcoe Outdoor Products’ two-step production approach allows for timely delivery to North American distributors. First, the corrosion-resistant, non-rust furniture is manufactured in Africa by Basa Castings Ltd., a foundry with more than 15 years experience in crafting cast aluminium furniture. The raw product is then shipped to Canada, where it is inventoried and finished. All of the pieces in the line are powder-coated for year-round durability, come in a palette of standard, premium and custom colors and have a long-term warranty.