Woodstock Chimes celebrates fifth anniversary of Asli Arts acquisition

Woodstock capiz chimesSHOKAN, N.Y. - Woodstock Chimes, a leading manufacturer of musically-tuned windchimes, is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its acquisition of the Asli Arts line of eco-friendly chimes. The collection, acquired in the latter half of 2008, uses sustainable products, such as bamboo and capiz shells, and is completely hand-crafted by local artisans in Bali.

Over the years, the company has continued evolving its Asli Arts collection to include updated classic designs, themed pieces such as nature and wildlife, and solar chimes. Asli Arts remains a steady seller for Woodstock Chimes with retail prices starting under $8.

"We have always been passionate about creating high-quality products, protecting the environment and continuously providing customers with new and exciting items," said Garry Kvistad, founder and owner of Woodstock Chimes. "The acquisition of Asli Arts was essentially our ‘perfect storm' in achieving all of those goals. Seeing the collection grow over the last five years has been very rewarding."

Woodstock bamboo chimesFounded by Ginny Rodin Behr, Asli Arts got its start in the early 1990s. While living in Bali more than 35 years ago, Behr was inspired by the talents and gentle spirits of the Balinese people and began a small export business selling handcrafted products to the U.S.

In 1994, she returned to Bali and launched Asli Arts - Asli meaning "traditional" or "authentic" in Indonesian - which quickly became a sought-after company for all natural, handmade bamboo and capiz chimes.

Asli Arts features striking bamboo chime tubes handcrafted from a sustainable harvest of top grade bamboo, which grows much faster than conventional hardwoods. The collection's colorful Capiz chimes feature shells from pearl oysters farmed in Indonesia. The shells are carefully sorted, dried, sliced, shaped, sanded and dyed for the ultimate eye-catching look.

The traditional, aluminum Woodstock Chimes are musically-tuned, while the Asli Arts chimes are hand-toned, providing a softer, more mellow sound. Today, the collection boasts more than 40 pieces.