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Deanne & Wayne & Co. launching new video advertising service

CHICAGO -- Deanne & Wayne & Co., 30-plus year veterans of the casual furniture industry, have partnered with Via Media, a national marketing company, to offer targeted Premium PreRoll video advertising to the casual industry, the company announced.

A Premium PreRoll is a 15-20 second commercial that plays to a local audience of online consumers before they can watch selected videos. Until this year, only large, national advertisers could afford the pre-roll marketing option, as there was no way to limit or control the target audience or specific demographics, according to a company release.

"We presented our Premium PreRoll program at the Chicago Market to manufacturers, retailers and sales representatives," said Scott Puckett, national sales manager for Deanne & Wayne. "Response was very enthusiastic! We eliminated the two biggest roadblocks because we can now target a geographical area as large or as small as our clients want ... and the cost is staggeringly inexpensive, not only when compared to national pre-roll costing, but also when compared to traditional advertising like TV or radio."

"To sweeten the offer, we can target specific demographics and psycho-graphics like age, household income, single-family dwelling and more at no extra cost. Until now, effective national pre-roll buys in this economy were not realistic for even the biggest casual furniture retailers. Premium PreRoll allows single stores in, or on the outskirts of, large towns and retailers in small towns without affiliate TV stations to do extremely effective video advertising that can link straight to their websites at costs that beat TV, radio and newspaper, with better retention rates," Puckett said.

Premium pre-roll clients can choose any area based on zip codes or store vicinity and narrow target consumers based on income, age, hobbies and homeowners. The pre-roll commercial then plays only on high-quality, nationally recognized websites and is never played on any user-generated Web content.

Advertising research from E-Marketer shows that online, pre-roll ads are expected to jump 40% in 2012, the release states. Also, a 2011 study by Advertising Age shows that 64% of people exposed to pre-roll videos will watch the entire ad, plus there is a 53% increase in advertising recall when pre-roll is incorporated into a marketing strategy.

"The initial clients we have tested on this program are seeing a 50% increase in unique website visitors directly from the pre-roll ad ... and record-setting months," said Deanne Flanders, VP of Deanne & Wayne. "It's a fantastic opportunity to enhance an advertising strategy ... and one from which every single retailer can benefit. Tests to date indicate that it works best when integrated into television and direct mail campaigns."

"From the manufacturer's viewpoint, Premium PreRoll is an exceptional sales tool for manufacturers' reps to help dealers drive traffic to stores, to a specific brand or to offer support for retailers during factory-supported sales and new product introductions," Puckett said. "With an approved video and a highly-targeted audience, this might be an excellent place for available co-op dollars. We can even customize an e-mailable program for manufacturers to send to dealers through their reps."

For more information, contact Scott Puckett at 269-369-4666 or or Mandy Jackson at 423-875-2816 or


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