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Enroll in summer school at Retail Makeover University

Online course designed to boost sales and profits

Retail Makeover University offers retail courses over the next two months so now is a perfect time for retailers to enroll, invest and change the future course of business by focusing on issues that have caused challenges.

Barbara Crowhurst, CEO of Retail Makeover and Retail Makeover Webdesign Services, brings her skills as a leading North American retail business coach as she is director of programming for RM U Summer School. She will deliver all classes online and in person. Crowhurst, who has served as a judge and consultant for Casual Living's annual Merchandising Awards, will share her knowledge and insight to help increase sales and make retailers more profitable and effective.

"I wanted all retailers to be able to join RM 'U' Summer School this year and boost their sales and profitability," Crowhurst said. "This is why I have set the 2012 Program at a very attractive price, reflecting my understanding of the conditions that retailers face, with a price that will fit into their cash flow. You have my continued commitment to sharing my retail knowledge and expertise. I want to help you pay yourself well, very well this year. Classes start soon so register today. Space is limited. Looking forward to our working together."


Summer Program Lineup At A Glance:

Controlling Your Buying - Thursday, July 19, 7-8 p.m. EST - Some of the biggest challenges retailers face include developing the ability is to stop over buying, to stop buying the wrong items and spending more then they can afford. Learn the secrets of setting buying budgets and right sizing your business. Review the products you carry and get rid of the dogs and overstocked inventory. Cost $49

Retail Store Design & Product Placement (Two classes together) - Thursday, July 26, 7-9 p.m. EST - Your store design and product placement influences sales. Learn how to create the store of your dreams and how by placing the products you carry in Crowhurst's retail department grid system will increase sales. Cost $98

Why Customers Love to Shop at Independent Retailers! - Sunday, July 29, 7:30 p.m. EST - Wrap up the launch of Independent Retailer Month with a free 30-minute online live workshop presentation on the 10 Reasons Consumers Love to Shop at Independent Retail Stores. Limited space available. All Independent Retailers welcome. For more information and for retailers to reserve an online seat, contact With our compliments!

Setting Up a Promotional Calendar - Thursday, Aug. 2, 7-8 p.m. EST - Crowhurst draws on her experience coaching retailers who have found it challenging to have two or three promotional events each month. Along with what information she has to share, Crowhurst will send an e-calendar to help retailers get organized. COST $49

Effective Marketing - Thursday, Aug. 23, 7-8 p.m. EST - At the core of this basic strategy are two considerations:
1. bringing new customers into your store
2. increasing the number of times existing customers visit you
Key points Crowhurst covers: defining your market place, what is your potential customer base, knowing who your competition is, using technology effectively, is the new social media for you, websites, your customer data base, today's traditional advertising is it effective, using a POS system, how to use your promotional calender. COST $49

Creating a Strong In-Store Sales Focus and Sales Team - Thursday, Aug. 30, 7-8:45 p.m. EST - Crowhurst will discuss your role in the performance of your sales staff and creating an in-store sales focus, increasing the average sale, what an add-on sales program is, why it's important to you, and how it effects your yearly sales targets. Crowhurst trains the trainer. She will share the keys to best customer service and the steps you need to know and share with your staff to selling more effectively. COST $98


Here are the details of how to connect:
After you confirm your registration through Pay Pal payment, you will receive a confirmation and then course outline notes prior to the seminar date:
1. Crowhurst will send retailers a link to register with Skype.
2. All sessions will have a live visual and audio component, all you need is a camera and speakers either attached or built into your computer.

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