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Tropitone introduces Modular Ottoman Tables

Adds versatile complement to URComfort Cushion Seating

Tropitone Furniture Company is introducing Modular Ottoman Tables, a new category of modular products available for immediate ordering.


"Modularity has been an important trend in our commercial markets for many years," Tropitone Consumer Sales & Business Development Director Frank Verna said. "In recent years, many Tropitone product groups designed for commercial use have crossed over to the residential spaces. As we designed our highly successful URComfort line of seating, we believed it was the perfect opportunity to create Modular Ottoman Tables as a versatile complement to URComfort."

Tropitone's revolutionary URComfort seat adjustment system was introduced in 2011 expanding two of Tropitone's most popular frames designs - Lakeside and Montreux. The multi-pivot-point seat adjustment system allows the user to find the most comfortable position without getting out of the chair. URComfort can be adapted to any body size and weight with a simple adjustment of a single knob on each side of the seat. The few moving parts are elegantly simple and easy to maintain.

The two new Modular Ottoman Table groups incorporate design elements of Lakeside and Montreux. Three new models are available for each group: 24" X 24" single; 24" X 48" double; and 24" x 72" triple. Each model can be used alone or in modular combination with other models. Each model can be ordered with a combination of cushions and/or table tops for each 24" square section. The cushion/table top configuration can be changed by simply interchanging the 24" square cushions and table tops.

"The really fun aspect of the Modular Ottoman Tables is their modularity," said Victoria Dawson, manager of fashion design and marketing events. "A triple model with a cushion-table-cushion configuration can be placed in front of a URComfort cushion sofa. You can put your feet up on it, use it as a table or use it as a bench. By grouping a single model with the triple or putting two doubles together, you can create a 3 x 2 "L" in front of a sofa and loveseat combination. They can also be used individually or in combinations as benches and tables grouped around fire pits, pools and spas. Their modularity makes them very versatile and very fun. The possibilities are endless."

The two groups should satisfy the design requirements of all spaces. The Lakeside group was designed to cover any contemporary or transitional space. The Montreux group was designed to cover any traditional or transitional space. The aluminum frames and table tops can be finished in any one of Tropitone's 18 colors. Cushions are available in all Tropitone cushion fabrics.

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