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Consumers find quality in American-made

What level of importance do today's consumers place on American-made outdoor furniture as they look for quality products at affordable prices? In the exclusive 2011 Casual Living and HGTV Outdoor Spaces Survey, consumers were asked their opinions about domestically made product versus product made overseas. More than half of responding consumers think Made in the USA outdoor furniture is of good quality; 38% say U.S.-made is durable; and 32% say American-made product is a good value.
     Made in the USA ranked No. 9 among 15 factors consumers consider when purchasing outdoor furniture. According to the data, one-third of responding consumers cite it as an important factor in their buying decision. Consumers rate the following factors, in rank order, as more important: price, comfort, quality, style/design, functionality, structural materials, frame/fabric color and maintenance requirements.
     Interestingly, the survey found that younger buyers place less of an emphasis on American-made product: Only 16% of respondents under age 35 think it's important, while a much higher 37% of those age 55 or older say it's an important factor. Thirty percent of responding consumers age 45 to 54 think domestically made is important and 23% of respondents age 35 to 54 are concerned with Made in the USA.
     American product is most popular with consumers who have an annual household income under $50,000, with 35% saying Made in the USA is important to them when choosing outdoor furniture. While 26% of respondents making $100,000 or more say buying U.S.-made is a factor in the purchase decision.
     Consumers all over the country have similar thoughts on the quality of U.S.-made outdoor furniture. In the Midwest, 56% think it's of good quality; 58% in the West say American products are of good quality, and 54% of respondents in both the Northeast and the South think it's of good quality.
     The exclusive 2011 Casual Living and HGTV Outdoor Spaces Survey data is based on the responses of 6,473 consumers. Casual Living, in partnership with HGTV, surveyed consumer households via an online survey linked to HGTV's Ideas e-newsletter in April 2011 and HGTV's Gardening e-newsletter in May 2011.

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Source: 2011 Casual Living and HGTV Outdoor Spaces Survey

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