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Pinterest generates visual buzz about your business

Robert WilliamsRobert Williams
Literal pin-ups were initially intended for informal display and originally meant to actually be pinned-up to a wall or similar space. The term became popular in the early 1940s in association with big name stars like Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland and Betty Grable, who became G.I.-inspired "pin-up girls" during WWII.
     Today, the pin-up has evolved and arrived in a new form known as Pinterest; the hottest new entry into the social media market that allows members to "pin" images from a variety of sources to their electronic pinboard. Many of you may have already started pinning along with the millions of other individuals worldwide who have made Pinterest a fast-growing social media phenomenon.
     From a business standpoint, the question rings out - is it a marketing tool worth investing time and resources in? Most people browse the pinboards of others looking for inspiration and new ideas. With so many people viewing so much material, it's not hard to see the strong potential for marketing your products, services and brand through Pinterest.
     One of the easiest ways to start using Pinterest is to have a "Pin It" button on your company website to make it easy for your visitors to "Pin" items of interest. Most oft en you will find photos adorning pin boards, but you can also pin video and articles or text you find interesting.Pinterest
     When you are ready to dive in and take the Pinterest plunge, there are many ways you can use it to draw new customers to your business. One of the best ways to get started is to get a good "glamour" shot of a set of your outdoor furniture or outdoor room setting; you know, one of those photos that just makes you want it whether you need it or not. Or a photo that shows a lot of fun going on and leaves no doubt that the furniture, BBQ grill or other items made the fun happen. Then "pin" that picture as the cover photo and add each individual room component that makes up the main photo as additional "pins." By doing this you give followers inspiration and ideas and they can then pick and choose from the individual pieces.
     You can even make your pinboards more fun and exciting by including photos and recipes for fun food dishes and exotic tropical drinks to complement and adorn the beautiful furniture you are displaying. Social media brings about information in new and exciting ways and the more you provide, the more people will look to you for the answers they seek.
     Pinterest, just like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, is all about generating interest and exposing potential customers to your wares, services and company gestalt. Each photo you "pin" or that is pinned by others is basically another opportunity to connect with old, new and customers to be. And then just when you may think it is making no difference, the wind of change will blow your way and you will realize just how many people are following your social media efforts and just how many times those connections truly make your cash register ring.

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