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Highwood goes green, overhauls website

On March 25, Highwood plugged in to its 100kW solar panel system and began running on the sun's power. A total of 493 photovoltaic panels were installed and tied directly into the plant's main electrical switchgear, providing power to light the plant and run the production lines.

Highwood plantThis project - in addition to the installation of high-efficiency lighting in the plant in 2009 - is part of Highwood's ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing. The solar panels were installed over land that is otherwise unusable; the panels sit atop a large cistern used to reclaim storm water runoff from Highwood's property. This cistern was installed in 2008 to protect the local high-quality trout streams.

A $540,000 investment, made along with the PA Sunshine Fund, was required to complete the project. Bob Drogan, Highwood's engineering director, said, "This is a major project that took over a year to complete. We expect the system to help with rising electric costs, slowing the increase in our cost to power the plant."

Highwood's website gets makeover

Highwood USA has set up an e-store on its newly redesigned website,

The site also features a video tour of the company's factory and interviews with personnel and provides information on where to buy Highwood furniture and outdoor/spa accessories.