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OU T DOOR DESIGN by Jan MichelleTHIS BACKYARD WAS SMALL, LOW LYING AND VERY SHADED DUE TO THE LARGE EVERGREENS THAT HAD BEEN PLANTED TO PROVIDE PRIVACY. A slope from the side of the house down to the back caused water to flow down and keep the area too damp. grass would not grow, due to the excess shade and wetness. it was completely uninviting and not used at all by the owner.
     So with too much shade and too much water, i decided to remove the yard completely! i planned a two-tiered area. The higher tier around the perimeter holds the trees and shade-loving perennials. a large waterfall was planned to fit into the slope perfectly. it cascades over several levels into a koi pond on the lowest level. it provides a beautiful focal point and wonderfully serene feel with the sound of the flowing water. natural slate creates a functional yet pretty patio surface. underground pipes now take away any excess water.
     The deck was equipped with a mounted under-deck ceiling system so it was a perfect area for grilling and relaxing. The built-in grill and cooking eyes allow the homeowner to make an entire meal outside. a television is mounted on the side of the house so it can be viewed from the grill, hot tub or the sitting area.

Stacked stoneStacked stone and moulding on decking posts help transition the tranquil outdoor design as it connects with the home.
waterfall is designedA waterfall is designed to fit the slope of this low-lying backyard and cascade into a Koi pond for a peaceful and functional retreat.
outdoor kitchenA built-in outdoor kitchen, sitting area and hot tub extends the home.

     To tie the decking posts into the design, we wrapped them in moulding and stacked stone. a dramatic spiral staircase from the deck allows access from the home's main level.
     Now the backyard is a functional and a beautiful area the owners can enjoy much of the year ... perfect for entertaining family and friends.

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