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Pristiva offers two-step system for salt water pools

Breakthrough products set new standards for salt water pool care

Pristiva Inc., a new subsidiary of Compass Minerals, recently launched the Pristiva Advanced Two-Step System for the start-up and maintenance of salt water pools. The products will be sold exclusively through professional trade channels.
The Pristiva products were designed to address the challenges of salt water pool care. The Pristiva brand and product line was introduced at the International Pool, Spa & Patio Expo in Las Vegas.
“Compass Minerals created Pristiva because we saw a real need for products comprehensively designed to meet the unique needs of salt water pools,” said Bob Harper, Pristiva general manager. “By providing breakthrough products that set the new standard for salt water pool care, we’re creating new growth and profit opportunities for the pool industry, including pool builders, service companies and pool retailers.”
Pristiva product development began with more than 300 interviews with builders, retailers and service companies to understand all of the technical and business challenges with salt water pools. In addition, Compass Minerals commissioned independent research on pool salt from all of the major North American producers and found all of the samples, even those advertised as food grade, contained impurities. When used in salt water pools, salt with impurities can cause cloudiness, staining and chlorine demand. Salts also vary widely in dissolution rates; the longer salt takes to dissolve, the greater the potential damage to pool finishes and equipment. 
The research also found that salt from Compass Minerals’ facility in Amherst, Nova Scotia, was far superior in virtually every respect to all the other samples. The pristine nature of this salt led to the product name, Pristiva.
The Pristiva Advanced Two-Step System combines the high-purity salt from Nova Scotia with other minerals and patent-pending “safe to swim” additives. Pristiva Primer, used for pool start-ups, provides a concentrated dose of protective ingredients that helps prevent scaling, staining and corrosion while protecting pool finishes and equipment. In addition, Pristiva Primer works in the harsh conditions within the salt water generator to control scaling on the cell plates, thereby helping to extend cell life.
Pristiva Activator, used to establish and maintain salinity levels, replaces commodity pool salt and avoids problems associated with salt impurities. It also replenishes ingredients in the Primer to help prevent scale, stains, corrosion and damage to pool finishes and equipment.
Pristiva Primer and Activator were trialed and proven in salt water pools around the country throughout the 2008 pool season.
With an estimated 1.3 million salt water pools in use today, salt water pools are the fastest-growing segment of the recreational pool market. In 2007, salt water pools accounted for nearly 70% of all new pool installations, a dramatic increase from approximately 15% in 2002.
Salt water pools, which have approximately one-tenth the salinity of ocean water, are gentler on eyes, skin and hair, are environmentally friendlier, and require less maintenance than chlorine pools.

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