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Woodstock Chimes honors centennial of Stravinsky work

Rite of Spring chime adds to collection of famous melodies

Woodstock ChimesSHOKAN, N.Y. - Woodstock Chimes pays tribute to the 100-year anniversary of Igor Stravinsky's musical innovation via its new Rite of Spring chime.
Taking a risk by stepping outside the boundaries, Stravinsky broke away from the typical style of post-romantic music and created a ritualistic work brimming with new rhythmic and melodic elements, known as "The Rite of Spring." A century ago, the seminal piece had a controversial premiere in Paris, during which a riot broke out, and has since been a steadfast influence on a vast array of composers.
Woodstock Chimes, a leading manufacturer of musically tuned windchimes, has honored the renowned composer's "The Rite of Spring" since 2010, when the company launched a windchime named after and tuned to the musical masterpiece.
The opening melody of "The Rite of Spring" is played by the bassoon, which was considered a radical compositional feature during its origination period. This haunting melody comprises the notes of the Woodstock Rite of Spring Chime.
"This incredible piece has been part of my musical life for more than 40 years," said Garry Kvistad, Grammy Award-winner and founder and owner of Woodstock Chimes. "I had the honor of playing timpani in a ‘The Rite of Spring' performance with the Oberlin Conservatory Orchestra in 1971, conducted by Pierre Boulez, then artistic director of the Cleveland Orchestra. My group, NEXUS, also recently performed a chamber version of it with the amazing piano duo, 2X10, in Toronto. This exciting but difficult work is now considered standard repertoire for orchestras today."
Kvistad, too, has been stepping outside the boundaries since 1979, by focusing on injecting quality sound and famed melodies into the company's numerous windchime offerings. Works by other composers, including Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, are found in the company's line. Kvistad sees windchimes as a serine and unique way to deliver famous melodies to the ear, one that is powered by the wind. "For many of our consumers, putting Woodstock Chimes out as the warm weather arrives is part of their ‘Rite of Spring,' no matter which tuning they have," Kvistad said.
Woodstock's Rite of Spring Chime produces its namesake's harmonies through six impeccably pitched, silver aluminum tubes. The chime measures 23" in overall length, features elegant cherry wood accents and retails for $48.
For details about the Woodstock Rite of Spring Chime, the complete Woodstock Chimes and Woodstock Music Collection product lines, or for a current trade show listing, please visit


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