Tropitone expands its MODA brand

Vue modular cushion seatingVue modular cushion seating
IRVINE, Calif. -- Outdoor furnishings manufacturer Tropitone opened Boutique Design New York by announcing the introduction of five new groups to its new Tropitone MODA brand.

Toulon, the first group of the new brand, was introduced in May. Trellis, Vue, Seven, Cruz and Tolo complete the initial introductions.

"Since our beginning in 1954, the core Tropitone brand has been synonymous with high performance in the commercial marketplace," said Tanya Stevens, VP of marketing and service operations. "We wanted to create a new brand and products that communicate high style to complement the core Tropitone brand's high performance. Tropitone MODA is the urbane and elegant companion to the Tropitone brand's fun-loving and approachable personality."

The six Tropitone MODA groups were designed using a variety of materials to create distinctive fashion solutions for extraordinary outdoor spaces. Many of the models will fit just as comfortably indoors as outdoors.

Tropitone TrellisTrellis modular woven seating with frosted acrylic table
"We wanted to use a variety of materials to communicate high style for multiple spaces," said Peter Homestead, VP of design. "We combined tailored upholstered fabrics with polished stainless steel. Rich textured weaves were paired with vibrant powder coated aluminum and elegant cushions. Some groups include coordinated accessory tables. The product line also includes dining tables framed in stainless steel or powder coated aluminum with tops of handsome high pressure laminate (HPL) and gracious frosted acrylic."

The six new groups include a total of 57 models: 39 seating and ottomans, eight coordinated accessory tables and 10 dining tables.

"The Tropitone MODA brand gives us the opportunity to better target exceptional outdoor spaces," said John Mattson, VP of sales and business development. "These six new groups provide a great foundation upon which to build an elegant companion to our high performance Tropitone brand."