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Elements of shade

Centennial SquareCentennial Square, City of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Each year, more hospitality Venues from resorts to restaurants, malls to midways are enhancing and expanding the outdoor experience for patrons and guests.
     Although furnishings have led the way, shade products are on the rise within the contract world. "Currently, we are seeing that approximately 25% of our outdoor hospitality installations include shade products," said Kirk Wayland, owner, Dunkirk Associates, San Francisco, Calif., a design firm to the trade that specializes in outdoor furnishings. "With this growth and the changes we have seen over the past years, today's installations include more shade products including the latest in cantilever models and substantial shade products such as pavilions and outdoor rooms. "
     While shade products are keeping the sun off guests; we are letting the light shine on a collection of top installations, revealing what's happening in contract shade in hot spots across the map.

     Located beside City Hall in the downtown area of the City of Victoria, the beautiful capital of British Columbia on Vancouver Island, is an equally beautiful presentation by ShadeScapes Americas of Schattello Giant Telescopic Umbrellas, manufactured

Salsa FiestaSalsa Fiesta restaurant, Pembroke, Fla.
by May Sunshades in Germany. "Centennial Square is a multipurpose downtown gathering area used for Sunday Farmers Markets, musical performances and concerts and other downtown cultural and commercial events," said Jo Edmondson, vice president, ShadeScapes Americas. "There were a number of important requirements that factored into Canadian Landscape Architect Joe Daly's umbrella choice for the landmark square."
     The umbrellas were a part of a total renovation of the Centennial Square to make it more multiuse friendly. "This cultural landscape was a perfect fit for the May Schattello architectural and European style of sunshade," said Edmondson. Despite the usual need for strength, adequate size and ease of use and removal, the architect's selection also required shade products of a style to blend in well with the historic city architecture. The process involved the pre-ordering of one of ShadeScapes units to test meeting the strict commercial grade requirements.
     The project was approximately a year-long process from specification to installation with a coordinated effort by John Berry, ShadeScapes Canada, working closely with Daly and representatives from the City of Victoria.

     In 2012, Tangerine Tango was tops in color trends and for one eatery in South Florida it also was the perfect complement for the restaurant's trendy logo color scheme. Orange was the color selected by design firm Casa Conde and Associates when they collaborated with the owners of Salsa Fiesta on the shade products for their Miami/Pembroke, Fla. location. The project, which included a total of three cantilever shades from Mount Pleasant, S.C.'s Caravita USA's Amalfi Classic Collection, provided a dramatic pop of color to dra

The Rink BarThe Rink Bar and the Sea Grill, Rockerfeller Center, New York City, N.Y.
w attention to the chic sidewalk restaurant. "All of our shades can be customized to the client's specifications," said Marie Hoyle, sales and marketing director for Caravita USA. "However, we take customization beyond just the fabric and finish."
     Fabric and finish were not the only considerations in the shade selection due to the sidewalk location of the shade products for this Salsa Fiesta. "As you can see this was a sidewalk project and there are always space parameters to work within, we were fortunate enough to be able to place the bases within the landscaping and not encroach into the dining area," Hoyle said. "Our bases are versatile and we can easily accommodate custom portable options to permanent solutions to work within space constraints."

     The size of this high profile Rockefeller Center eateries job, although an impressive 50 to 55 umbrellas, is not the only amazing part of this contract project undertaken by Elmsford, New York's ZipJack Custom Umbrellas - it was the timing. "Our client initiated the project on April 18 and we delivered all the umbrellas by May 10," said Martha Dubinsky Witkowski, president, ZipJack Umbrellas. "The umbrellas chosen were ZipJack's All American Oak Wood Market Umbrellas with Super Size wind vents. A combination of factors, including our location, our production capacity and our commitment to customer satisfaction enabled us to craft and ship the units to meet the project's tight time requirements."
     Working directly with the facility and its design firm, ZipJacks' units were selected to provide adequate coverage for the eatery's extensive seating areas while maintaining reasonable access for servers to the patrons.

     The beautiful yet problematic location of the pool area at the Four Seasons Miami created unique requirements for suppliers of shade products. "The pool area is not on the ground deck, but a couple levels up," said Amy Forseth, national sales manager for FiberBuilt Umbrellas, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "The location caused a type of wind tunnel effect and the facility was having to constantly replace umbrellas." The solution was found with shade products that offered an extra strong, durable and FiberBuilt's signature flexible support system.

Four SeasonsFour Seasons Hotel, Miami, Fla.

     Meeting these requirements was the Augusta model from FiberBuilt. Selected to encircle the pool area, each unit was constructed of the company's Fiber Teak to withstand extremely high winds. The flexible ribs incorporated into each unit also were important to the installation, eliminating breakage and the need for replacement parts. The project incorporated a stock marine grade solution-dyed acrylic fabric on the double-vented shades. "A neutral linen fabric was used on the umbrellas," Forseth said. "Most contract installations utilize neutral shades to accomplish a less trendy look. The neutrals have a longer life span for the facility."
     Contract customers reflect a majority of FiberBuilt's current business. The company has created a separate division, Paradise Cushions by FiberBuilt, to accommodate residential customers with replacement umbrellas and cushions. "With FiberBuilt's direct hospitality focus, it makes it easier to be responsive to customers," Forseth said. "Our commercial products are created to meet the specific requirements of hospitality customers and, although available to residential customers, they are made to withstand the high traffic of commercial use."

     "A new era in eco-friendly resort development," is how PT Enviro Tech architects describes their overall use of the products of ViroFiber for not only shade, but the 110,000-sq.-ft. ViroThatch roof for the mega development Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort in tropical Bali, Indonesia. "ViroThatch is responsible for the complete synthetic roof system for the Beachwalk area and the resort complex," said Johan Yang, director, ViroFiber, LaVerne,

Sahid KutaSahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort, Bali, Indonesia
Calif. "The Beachwalk is designed as a high-end contemporary retail hub featuring over 200 retail and dining outlets." The Viro synthetic thatch was selected not only for its eco friendly properties, but also its marked contrast to natural thatch. "It repels water, bugs and dries fast as well as does not disintegrate or gain weight after a soaking," Yang said.
     Nearly 100% of Viro's thatch is used in contract or hospitality facilities. Future applications include the use by architects in the creation of a different form of commercial shade: screening for wrapping commercial buildings. "More and more architects are utilizing the product as exterior wall screening on buildings due to its weather resistance and the longevity of the product in the elements," Yang said. "The screening can block the sun and keep buildings cooler."

     Approximately 260 parasols were incorporated into the pool area design by Yabu Pushelberg for the St. Regis resort project at Bal Harbour, Fla. Responding to the demands of the project was Miami-based TUUCI that supplied its Ocean Master MAX Single and Dual Cantilevers along with Ocean Master Classic 7.5 Square parasols.
     The sheer volume of units was secondary to the primary consideration that the units be able to withstand the high winds that accompan

St. Regis resortSt. Regis resort project at Bal Harbour, Fla.
ied the luxury complex. "The biggest constraints were providing the best product for the high wind conditions," said Amy Hudwalker, marketing manager, TUUCI. "Additionally; we had to ensure that all bases were above ground since the pool areas did not allow for in-ground shade anchors."
     Contract projects currently account for 30% of TUUCI's overall sales. Contract is considered a high growth area and seen as a perfect fit for TUUCI products.

     When revealing work with the features and demands of hospitality facilities, manufacturers also provided a reveal of what the future holds for shade in the hospitality segment. For many, there was a recognition that the industry has not been without challenges, but that the future is beginning to show signs of improvement. "There certainly has to be a balance between the different segments in the market place, from the casual market, designer trade and contract," said Michael Caravita's Hoyle. "We look to grow in all segments." As far as future product trends, greater size was a repeated response as well as versatility in the product and its uses. "Larger shades that are providing multiple functions such as incorporating heating, lighting, and even cooling systems are the latest trends, for contract and residential use," said Hoyle.

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