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A Sunbrella Story

A Cinderella tale half a century in the making

The story of Sunbrella Performance Fabrics is a yarn of fairytale proportions.
The Glen Raven Custom Fabrics brand began as an alternative to cotton awning fabrics in 1961 when Roger Gant Jr., grandson of Glen Raven founder John Q. Gant, came across a sort of fairy godmother in the form of Monsanto - then a purveyor of colorfast fiber. Gant knew that Glen Raven had been making the same essential cotton awning fabric since the late 1800s and that it was time for a change.
     He struck a deal with Monsanto and replaced cotton with their acrylic fibers with pre-extrusion pigments. He followed the decision up with an unheard-of five-year warranty and made the strategic decision to advertise the Sunbrella brand directly to consumers.
     Once the 1970s rolled around, boating opened up a new channel for Sunbrella fabrics in the marine market, convertible tops for the automotive industry followed, and field-marketing initiatives were well on their way to making Sunbrella a household name.

     By the 1980s, furniture fabric had entered the picture and demand was beginning to exceed supply for the newly minted Custom Fabrics division. Glen Raven consulted with the Wharton School of Business about a growth plan. The decision was made for the division to exit Burlington and make competitor West Point-Pepperell an offer for their Anderson, S.C., plant, thus giving them an exit strategy that they were more than happy to employ in the face of a costly market-share battle against a stronger competitor.

Sunbrella fabrics provided furniture fabrics for the 2011 Southern Living Idea House in Horseshoe Bay, Tex. The fabrics were used for sheer draperies and outdoor furniture by Ballard Designs, among other applications.
The reOrder installation at the Brooklyn Museum was designed and built by Situ Studio and featured more than 2,400 yards of Sunbrella fabric. The installation won an Interior Design magazine Best of Year Award for Large Exhibit/Installation last year. The installation was one in a series of events that paid tribute to Sunbrella’s 50th anniversary in 2011. (Photo by Keith Sirchio)
The reOrder

     Jump a decade ahead and, once again, the Glen Raven Custom Fabrics division was bursting at the seams. In one of the boldest moves of his career, then and current Glen Raven President Allen E. Gant Jr. gave the green light to build a 1-million-sq.-ft ., facility to accommodate the long-term needs of the division and incorporate the landfill-free, sustainable practices that are part of the Glen Raven mission.
     Vice President of Operations Randy Blackston remembers putting 60,000 miles on the odometer visiting yarn manufacturing facilities. "Then we went to Europe to see how they did it and learned a lot," Blackston said, whose current lineup of German and Swiss engineered - and Italian design driven - custom machinery makes the Anderson plant go.
     The first bobbin of Sunbrella Pacific Blue yarn was made the day after the Super Bowl in 1995, and the working facility was completed in 1998. Everyone from the old plant was retrained to make the transition from circa-1900 fabric mill to automated, vertically integrated and sustainability-driven modern plant and research facility.
     "We employed a leave-no associate-behind philosophy," Blackston said. "And that says a whole lot about the kind of business Glen Raven is."

     The outdoor furniture industry was heralded into the Sunbrella realm in the early 1980s, but it took close to a decade for the look and hand of the product to evolve. Father and - son marketing team Allen and Dave Swers - along with a $500,000 sample warper - were instrumental in taking product development via dobbies and jacquards and customization to the next level.
     Then Sunbury Textiles entered the picture as licensed partners and introduced a high-end line of Sunbrella jacquards, and crème de la crème jobbers responded in kind. Fast-forward to 1998 and another bold stroke from Allen E. Gant Jr. comes to pass with the acquisition of Dickson SA of France. The purchase also included an extensive jacquard-weaving mill in Georgia, opening the door to highly decorative fabrics for home use - indoors and out.
     "The industry is far more sophisticated from a color and design sense, which adds to the number of fabrics we design," said Leib Oehmig, president, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics. "Global sourcing and manufacturing have also added to the complexity of the industry, requiring investments in people, technology and systems. As our consumers' needs grow in complexity, we have increased our commitment to meet and exceed those needs."

Jacquard weaving at the Anderson plant helped bring Sunbrella fabrics to the attention of furniture and soft goods manufacturers for upholstery, decorative pillow, bedding and more. Today, the brand is recognized as the premier provider of performance fabric both indoors and out.
Research and development activity at the Anderson, S.C., center. The division has polymer chemists on staff and lab after lab dedicated to testing and analysis.

     Today, Design and Creative Director Gina Wicker and Design Manager Greg Voorhis lead the Sunbrella design team in developing beautiful offerings in jacquards, dobbies, prints, velvets, ribbed textures, linens and dupiones for the indoor, outdoor, awning and marine markets, as well as exclusives.

     The acquisition of Dickson SA of France was the first step in a globalization process spearheaded by Allen E. Gant Jr. Next on the list was Asia.
     At the dawn of the millennium, many of the furniture manufacturers on Sunbrella's radar were establishing plants and partnerships in Asia. Glen Raven Asia in China opened its doors for business in 2006 with a 190-thousand-sq.-ft . plant.
     In 2007, stateside expansion kept up the pace as well. The Astrup Company and John Boyle & Company were acquired, two of the nation's largest distributors of fabrics, hardware and finishing supplies for the awning, marine and casual furniture industries.
     Today, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics' shingle hangs across the U.S. and in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Vietnam, China and Africa. Sunbrella has emerged as a global player in myriad markets and sets the sustainability standard worldwide.
     "Our core best practice is one that we have always employed: Work diligently to understand our customers' needs and then deliver on those needs," Oehmig said. "We use this approach in every facet of the business, and while we're not perfect, we always strive to exceed expectations."

Glen RavenGlen Raven planted 25,000 pine trees on land adjacent to the Anderson, S.C., plant as part of a habitat-improvement program. The Anderson, S.C., property is 180-acres and only 25 are used for manufacturing. Five miles of running trails have been carved out for employees. Wildlife cameras are positioned on the property to capture four-legged associates in action.
Solar array atop the Norlina Plant in Norlina, N.C. This manufacturing center provides Sunbrella yarn for the Anderson, S.C., plant. “At Glen Raven, we are focused on both forms of sustainability, and rather than viewing environmental sustainability and fi nancial sustainability as mutually exclusive, we see them as mutually interdependent,” said Allen E. Gant Jr.
Solar array

     2011 marked the 50th anniversary of Sunbrella, and Glen Raven Custom Fabrics celebrated by holding design and special events in New York and at furniture, marine and industrial trade shows. A video history and book were produced and corks were popped across the globe.
     This month, Casual Living will honor Glen Raven Custom Fabrics' Sunbrella brand as its Supplier of the Year at the inaugural Casual Living Conference in Sarasota, Fla., Feb. 22-24.
     "It is truly an honor to be recognized as a part of a dynamic industry, and [the award] reaffirms our commitment to be the best supplier partner possible," Oehmig said. "We broke the news [to employees] at the end of a staff meeting where the main topic was how to meet the market's needs for the 2012 season. The award was a surprise, very much appreciated and generated a highly enthusiastic response.
     "For us, this recognition represents affirmation that everyone's hard work at Glen Raven is recognized by an industry in which all of our customers and trade partners are going the extra mile to meet today's challenges. We have communicated the news of the award throughout Glen Raven and let everyone know that we want to earn this type of recognition every year. The overall response has been a combination of enthusiasm, excitement and humility."

Sunbrella Shines

Sunbrella1961 - Glen Raven introduces the Sunbrella brand of performance fabrics for awnings. A five-year warranty, consumer advertising and outreach to the trade results in eventual adoption industry-wide.
1973 - Boaters begin to discover Sunbrella fabrics in increasing numbers. As with the awning market, the Sunbrella brand replaces cotton as the leading choice.
1982 - New lines of Sunbrella fabrics, designed for casual and outdoor furniture, are developed for a marketplace dominated by vinyl.
1986 - Based on growing demand for Sunbrella fabrics, Glen Raven acquires the Equinox Plant in Anderson, S.C., from West Point-Pepperell.
1988 - BMW becomes the first car brand to adopt Sunbrella fabrics for its convertible models. The new application provides increasing credence to the brand's ability to combine durability with classic good looks.
1992 - A $500,000 investment in a sampler warper dramatically expands product development, customizing options and customer outreach.
1994 - Sunbury Textiles and Glen Raven enter into a joint venture to create a decorative offering of Sunbrella fabrics for high-end jobbers. The partnership launches the Sunbrella brand into elegant new fabrics suitable for both inside and outside the home.
1994 - Glen Raven breaks ground on a million-sq.-ft. manufacturing center in Anderson, S.C. The highly automated, vertically integrated center dramatically increases production capacity, quality and styling specialization.
1994 - Four hundred material handlers go to training to become computer controllers in collaboration with South Carolina Special Schools Technical College. Not one associate was left behind and came back to work with equal or greater pay.
1998 - Glen Raven acquires Dickson SA, one of Europe's leading suppliers of awning fabrics, transforming Glen Raven into a global company overnight.
2002 - Expanded weaving capabilities brought about by the Dickson acquisition boosted the design breadth of Sunbrella fabrics, pushing them toward recognition as the premier provider of performance fabric solutions for indoors.
2004 - The Glen Raven Anderson plant is awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification. ISO 9001 is the world's most established quality standard. It provides the framework for improved customer satisfaction, effective delivery and service and continuous improvement.
2006 - To meet the needs of furniture manufacturers with operations in Asia, Glen Raven opens Glen Raven Asia, a business unit that includes a 190,000-sq.-ft. Sunbrella fabrics manufacturing center. Glen Raven focuses on growth throughout Asia as domestic economies in the region continue to grow.
2009 - The Glen Raven Anderson plant is awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification. The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact. Environmental aspects in and around the facility were identified and procedures implemented to minimize the negative impacts on the environment.
2010 - Sunbrella fabrics officially enter the contract market, meeting vigorous industry testing standards and providing unparalleled styling and cleanability to expand its presence in this growing area.
2010 - Roger Gant Jr., former Glen Raven president, board member and second-generation descendent of the founder of Glen Raven, passes away. Gant is credited with helping launch the Sunbrella brand in 1961.
2011 - Sunbrella celebrates its 50-Year Innovation Journey by producing a video and limited print edition history of the brand. The company also held design events for the decorative jobber, interior design and media audiences in New York and beyond.
2011 - The Anderson, S.C., Sunbrella Manufacturing Center is recognized as "Fit Friendly" by the American Heart Association after launching a wellness initiative less than two years prior.
2012 - Glen Raven Custom Fabrics' Sunbrella brand is awarded the Supplier of the Year Award by Casual Living at the inaugural Casual Living Conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Fla.


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