TUUCI plans eight shade debuts

Connecting the world to high-tech innovation in shade

Shade innovator TUUCI is set to introduce a record eight new products that will hit the casual living marketplace in 2010.
For the first time, the world will be able to follow these developments and experience the TUUCI lifestyle through its social networking sites.
"We're rising to meet the challenges of this new economy by bringing innovation to our industry," said Dougan Clarke, founder and CEO of the Miami-based manufacturer. "Our investments in people, resources and technologies have yielded incredible new product developments and brand experience enhancements, which our customers can identify with."
TUUCI holds more than a dozen coveted awards in just over a decade. It comes as no surprise that the company is launching products that take creating shade into unexplored realms. "Our goal from day one was to develop a unique combination of form and function, and to do it better than anyone else," Clarke said.
This season, TUUCI's Shadow Works team is poised to outshine the competition with the introduction of the Ocean Master MAX range of parasols. The MAX collection will include six new styles (and countless shapes and sizes) including TUUCI's first cantilever model that features an oval mast inspired by the great ocean going sailing ship masts.
Another significant product introduction is the Plantation MAX that features a revolutionary new wood-grain finish on armor wall aluminum chassis that evokes a classic European wooden market umbrella yet distinguished by its size, durability and tailoring.
"We are very proud of the innovations that Shadow WorksTM created this year," Clarke said.
Shadow Works is a cross-pollination of TUUCI team members from multiple departments working collaboratively on product development to design new products that meet the market's demand for excellence. "It is not just our shade engineers and technical specialists, but it is also our brand experience champions that complete this one-of-a-kind team," Clarke said. "The synergy between these individuals created ground breaking new products and simultaneous information availability through our social media outlets. It is now possible for customers and potential customers throughout the world to more intimately understand our brand and ownership experience through our social networking sites and stay in touch with our latest shade innovations. (http://tuuci.com/blog; http://twitter.com/tuuci; www.facebook.com/TUUCIshade)"
Also conceived by Shadow Works is the new Shade Sculpture Collection being introduced under the M1 Stingray banner. "This is a permanent fixed shade product which remains open all the time," Clarke said. "Essentially, it is shade and artwork combined in a beautifully functional package."
All Shade Sculpture products will be suitable for both residential and commercial use.
As TUUCI raises the bar even higher in product development, its brand has come to embody the very notion of superior quality.
TUUCI uses only tough, long-lasting, marine-grade materials which are both recyclable and green in nature due to their endless serviceable life. Warranty periods from TUUCI can exceed 15 years, and modular engineering ensures that TUUCI products can stay out of landfills. TUUCI also utilizes TUFF-SKIN technology in all of their shade skins to reinforce and extend the life of the textile canopy for as long as 10 years and beyond.
Even with all of its emphasis on high-tech design, efficient construction methods and long-life materials, TUUCI is at its core a remarkably socially minded company. It supports dozens of conservation groups and charitable causes, such as relief efforts for the earthquake in Haiti. "We employ many Haitian workers here in Miami, and many of them have family members that have been affected," Clarke said. "Our efforts to provide assistance in Haiti were both rapid and extensive as this tragedy hit so close to home."
In the end, TUUCI's story is full of elements that make it distinct and different from any other manufacturer in the shade industry, which may be the most valuable advantage it offers retailers.
"We don't expect to be the biggest, but we can make a big impact with big imagination, big hearts and a transparent connection to the world through our social media outlets," Clarke said.
For more information, visit www.tuuci.com.

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