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Gender differences in grilling

Findings from the 2006 Grilling Man and Grilling Woman survey showed gender differences in frequencies of firing up grills and in grilling expertise but reported similar taste preferences.

About half of men surveyed described themselves as frequent grillers while slightly more than one-third of women said they grill frequently.

Another 48% of women respondents said they grill occasionally compared to 40% of men who grill occasionally. About 15% of women said they never grill compared with just over 10% of men.

Although nearly half of men classified themselves as an advanced or expert griller, only about 20% of women ranked their skills that high. Self-rankings at the intermediate level were more even, with about 53% of women and nearly 48% of men agreeing they have a few mishaps but are pretty good overall at grilling.

When asked, the majority said they prefer gas grills to charcoal with men at 61% gas/27% charcoal and women at 57% gas/30% charcoal.

Asked who is the better griller, three-fourths of men answered "I am" and only about 9% said "she is." Half of women respondents said their spouse/significant other is better at grilling while nearly 30% felt they were best. About 20% of women and 16% of men chose the answer, "We are equal."

The Reason I Grill on Memorial Day or 4th of July is
multiple responses were permitted

Man Woman
It is part of entertaining 61% 44%
It is something everyone else does 17% 11%
It is something we can do as a family 54% 46%
It is the only day we have time to do it 7% 4%
It gets me out of the house 22% 35%
It is a family tradition 31% 28%
It is not my choice, she tells me to do it 4%
It gives me an excuse to drink beer 14%
I do not grill on these holidays 6% 14%

Have you Cooked on the Grill for
multiple responses were permitted

Man Woman
Breakfast 31% 19%
Lunch 85% 74%
Dinner 99% 98%
Dessert 10% 10%
Snack 31% 21%

Who Actually Decides to Grill?

Man Woman
I do 25% 24%
My spouse/significant other does 7% 12%
We both do 68% 64%

The Reason I Use My Gas Grill is
multiple responses were permitted

Man Woman
I think the food tastes better when grilled 83% 80%
I enjoy the art of grilling 53% 33%
It saves electricity 27% 34%
It is fun and/or relaxing 54% 49%
It gives me a break from cooking indoors 42% 59%
It is quick and easy 60% 67%
It is a low-fat cooking option 34% 48%
It requires less clean-up 45% 60%
It is a guy thing 26%
It is an excuse to drink beer 10%
My spouse/significant other told me 8%
My spouse/significant other asks me 12%
It gives me a chance to avoid overheating the kitchen during the summertime 65%

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