Global Surroundings introduces reclaimed teak furniture

Company to exhibit at Casual Show in September

      Global Surroundings is introducing reclaimed teak furniture to meet the increasing demands of socially responsible consumers.
      “Climate change around the world is real and it is happening every day,” said JL Jackson, president, Global Surroundings. “People see the climate changing and they want to do their own part to help minimize the environmental impact of cutting down the rainforest. Using reclaimed wood just makes sense.”
      JL and Jay Jackson founded Global Surroundings in 1998 after living and traveling several years throughout Southeast Asia. They recognized the furniture industry’s historical role and responsibility for harvesting wood. Now the Phoenix-based manufacturer of indoor and outdoor furniture purchases old homes made of old teak wood in Java, Indonesia. The Indonesian families then get a new brick home, once only a dream.
      “We buy and dismantle their house, re-using every part to create our furniture,” JL Jackson said. “We will use the front door of an old home and add that into an armoire. Old floor boards are used in constructing beautiful dining tables. Heavy beams and posts are re-sawn to be used in table legs and other parts of furniture where one piece of wood is needed. We are constantly seeking new ways to use the existing materials.”
      Incorporating eco-friendly furniture into their homes is one way socially and environmentally conscious consumers can treat the natural environment with respect. “We contribute to a better world by pursuing sustainability and being eco-friendly,” JL Jackson said.
      Global Surroundings plans to exhibit at the Casual Market in September.