Dimplex Electric Fireplaces offer sustainable choice

According to the American Gas Federation, gas fireplaces produced more than 7.3 million tons of carbon dioxide in the year 2000

It’s no secret consumers are flocking to sustainable solutions. From the rise in purchases of organic foods to the increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles, products that are good for the environment are proving to be good for the bottom line.
While a recent survey by the American Home Furnishings Alliance indicates more than three quarters of today’s consumers are willing to pay up to a 10% premium for environmentally friendly home furnishings, concern for the greater good is only one criteria. They still want attractive, durable furnishings that satisfy their sense of style, desire for luxury and need to live within their means.
Dimplex offers a broad selection of electric fireplace products that meet all of these critical concerns. Advanced technology makes Dimplex fireplaces a perfect choice for creating a luxuriously comfortable indoor environment. Among the many features are fully adjustable flames, glowing embers, efficient heat and Purifireâ air treatment systems. 
Electric fireplaces are a safe, no-mess, no-maintenance alternative to traditional wood burning or gas appliances. Easy to install and an economical form of supplemental heat, electric fireplaces are an environmentally sustainable supplemental heating option for the home.
“A gas fireplace wastes about 30% of the fuel it consumes, due to inefficient combustion,” said Kristine Rose, vice president, Symphony division. “An electric fireplace operates at 100% efficiency – every bit of power used goes into warming the room. Plus, a Dimplex fireplace doesn’t require a chimney, so there is no heat loss from ventilation.”
Another advantage of a Dimplex electric fireplace is the flame effect operates independently of the heating unit. “Let’s say you’re having a holiday party and you want to cheer up the room with a roaring blaze,” Rose said. “With a gas fireplace, when you turn up the flame, you turn up the heat making a hot, stuffy and uncomfortable room. With an electric fireplace, you can adjust the heat to whatever suits you best – from completely off to nice and toasty warm.”
As consumers consider the environmental effects of their choices, the ability to enjoy the flame without the heat takes on greater importance. According to the American Gas Federation, gas fireplaces produced more than 7.3 million tons of carbon dioxide – a major greenhouse gas – in the year 2000. Even at minimum output, each gas fireplace produces 819 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. By comparison, a Dimplex electric fireplace using the flame only, produces only 164 pounds of carbon dioxide (as a result of electricity), none of which affects the neighborhood air, meaning that the air is cleaner where it matters most.

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