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Cooler in the east, Warmer in the West

Severe storms also possible for May

Last may brought the second warmest temperatures in more than 21 years for the nation as a whole.
     Summer-like heat was bottled up over states in the Central region. The East was also very warm, but there were more clouds and showers as several weather systems stalled out over the region. The Southwest and South Central parts of the United States were rather dry a year ago, with May trending the second and third driest in more than two decades for these regions, respectively. The combination of warm and dry weather proved favorable for outdoor living categories across much of the United States.
     This month will bring cooler temperatures to the eastern half of the nation, while the Northwest states will see a change toward warmer weather. Memorial Day weekend will be favorable across the West and into the Northern Plains with warmer and drier weather patterns.
     This month also is setting up to be more active for severe weather. The highest risk period will be in early May and again between the middle and end of the month with the greatest risk of inclement weather across the South and Midwest.