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Royal Botania offers teak tips and cleaning tricks

Royal Botania teakTeak is a key component of Royal Botania's O-Zon Collection.
With the summer in full swing, more people are enjoying outdoor living. Outdoor furniture manufacturer Royal Botania is offering tips about long-lasting materials and cleaning techniques to keep your outdoor room looking pristine.


Since teak has naturally high oil content that creates a built-in resistance to the elements, it does not decay and will not splinter, according to a company press release. As such, teak does not need to be sealed or treated to protect the wood. The material is available in Royal Botania collections such as Solid, O-Zon and Kokoon.

To keep teak looking chic, Royal Botania recommends a freshening every six to 12 months. When teak furniture first arrives, any "teak dust" on the furniture should be wiped off using a damp cloth. For standard cleanings, scrub with a soft brush and natural soap. Rinsing with fresh water regularly is also encouraged. Many stains can be removed by using a diluted bleach mixture with water, in a 4:1 mix. Scrub with a soft brush and rinse with fresh water. Thanks to teak's natural oil content the wood's color will even out within a month after cleaning. For frequent stains, use products like Semco Clear Coat.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is durable and stylish and will hold up to frequent cleanings, the company says. The material is featured in Royal Botania collections such as O-Zon, Ninix and Flexy. Royal Botania offers a 304-grade as well as a 304-EP electropolished or marine-grade stainless steel. This treatment increases resistance to corrosion and helps prevent salt water and chlorine damage.

To maintain its luster, Royal Botania recommends regular washings using fresh water at a high hose frequency. For a deeper clean, the company suggests a mix of baking soda and dish soap or some white vinegar.

Royal Botania CoaXXSRoyal Botania's Sunday collection features CoaXXS hand-woven over an aluminum frame.
Batyline mesh

Batyline is a flexible, high quality and durable material that is nearly impossible to tear, according to the press release. Mildew and UV resistant, it is a great alternative to cushions and perfect for outdoor use in wet environments like a swimming pool. The material is part of Royal Botania collections such as Alusion, E-Z, Kokoon and Mixt.

To clean Batyline, Royal Botania recommends simply washing it with a mild natural soap and fresh water then rinsing and drying with a cloth.


Its exceptionally strong weave and composition make this an all-weather material, the company says. It is resistant to the damaging effects of chlorine and salt water, stretching or cracking, and UV rays. Royal Botania's Sunday collection features CoaXXS hand-woven over an aluminum frame.

To freshen up the synthetic fiber, Royal Botania recommends washing with natural-based soap and a sponge then rinsing with fresh water. CoaXXS only needs to be cleaned once a year. To avoid scratches, do not clean using any type of abrasive agent or scouring pad.

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