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From balconies to seaside hospitality, casual retailers proudly reveal their outdoor creations

CASUAL RETAILERS everywhere are creating outdoor spaces in which the best of outdoor furnishings, accessories and features are showcased in the real world. Each is the culmination of planning, products and perspective, and the proof is in the reveal.

Balcony chic
Kolo Collection, Atlanta

     Kolo Collection's Greg Martin tapped artisans for his design for a 35th-floor condo balcony in Atlanta's chic Buckhead neighborhood.

The Kolo CollectionThe Kolo Collection answered the client’s request for color and furnishings that complement the view.
     "I was charged with coming up with furniture with clean lines that didn't obstruct the amazing view for the client," Martin said. "All the interior furnishing are monochromatic, but the client wanted a pop of color outside. So we used the wonderful Maria Flora fabric on the pillows on the sectional."
     Creating the proper flow for the limited space of the balcony was addressed by the use of custom-manufactured pieces.
     "One of the biggest challenges was having enough room for the dining table without blocking the flow of traffic," Martin said. "We were able to do this by custom designing the metal dining table base and terrazzo tops through local artisans."
     This high-rise reveal addressed the expected windy conditions through increased weighting of furnishings and accessories, including outfitting the cushions with special ties.

Beachfront bounty
Sunshine Furniture, Vero Beach, Fla.

     "We supply literally thousands of pieces each year to clubs, hotels and resorts as well as residents," said Gail Williams, owner of Vero Beach's Sunshine Furniture, when discussing a reveal to feature. "With contract clients, we

Sunshine FurnitureSunshine Furniture created this beachfront fi reside area with ample seating.
are asked to provide the total package down to even the lifeguard chairs."
     Ample seating was a primary goal when creating the featured beachfront fireside seating area. This area, along with many Williams creates, incorporated the use of durable all-weather wicker.
     "I use a computerized program that can easily grid an area and enable me to plug in dimensions," Williams said. "It sells it every time with residential customers, too."
     Williams' designs incorporate meeting the criteria for the project's furnishings as well as for the surroundings.
     "We go out and look at the indoor and exterior furnishings and the space to determine what the project will require," said Williams. In a similar project to the reveal, Williams incorporated four firepits along with her trademark bountiful seating.

Riverfront retreat
The Patio Shop, Chattanooga, Tenn.

     The final reveal from Chattanooga's The Patio Shop is not the first time this home has been exposed. Sitting

Overlooking the Tennessee RiverOverlooking the Tennessee River, The Patio Shop created outdoor living areas with plenty of space for taking in the view.
along the banks of the beautiful Tennessee River in Chattanooga, this home has been featured in a recent issue of the Chattanooga City Scope magazine as well.
     "As new construction, this project began as a total blank slate, inside and out," said Matthew Smisson, designer for The Patio Shop. "We took advantage of the fact that it looked out on the Tennessee River."
     The design for the porch area, which covered 30 feet in length, worked as an extension of the home's family room and the kitchen by incorporating additional lounging and eating areas.
     "One requirement was that there be seating for six to eight," said
Plenty of spacePlenty of space for entertaining was high on the client’s priority list.
Smisson. From there, he utilized a combination of furniture constructions to create the resulting design. When the final project was revealed to the homeowner, it was met with great excitement.
     "It is going to be the retirement home for the couple," Smisson said. "And, they wanted to be able to enjoy it for a long time."
     Exciting outdoor spaces are being created by members of the casual retailing industry every day. Each would agree that the ability to bring the property owners' vision successfully to a reality is the only reveal that truly matters.

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