Caluco launches Cali Casual brand

Caluco has launched its new brand Cali Casual, value-driven outdoor furniture
collections inspired by the California lifestyle.
Cali Casual's outdoor furniture takes its inspiration from the beauty of
California's landscape, Mediterranean weather and atmosphere.
"Our unique and diverse selection of outdoor patio furniture is handcrafted
of durable weather-resistant cast aluminum and comes with a 10-year
warranty," said Aaron Gochman, CEO of Caluco. "Cali Casual is committed to
providing quality outdoor patio furniture that is durable, comfortable and
Gochman said the key to Cali Casual's success stems from the fact that it is
manufactured and produced by parent company Caluco Outdoor Patio Furniture
Company, one of America's premier high-end outdoor patio furniture makers.
Caluco designs and manufactures quality outdoor furniture for the design,
commercial, retail and architectural world.
"We look forward to bringing a piece of the California lifestyle to your
outdoor living space," Gochman said.