Duraflame Stax firelogs now suit wood stoves

New multi-purpose, stackable and crackling product from Duraflame fit fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and more

Duraflame_StaxLogsBurning_W.jpgDuraflame, Inc.'s latest innovation, Stax firelogs for fireplaces, fire pits and wood stoves, hits the grocery stove shelves this month.

Stax logs look and burn like real firewood with the features of a traditional Duraflame firelog: cleaner burning, safe, convenient, renewable and easy-to-use. Suggested retail for the new Duraflame firelog is 9.99 to 19.99, depending on the bundle size.
Stax logs are manufactured so that more than one can be used at a time, and extra logs can be added as needed. These are different manufacturer's instructions than other Duraflame firelogs. Stax logs are the first duraflame firelogs intended for use in a wood stove.

"Consumers have asked for a product like this for years and we have responded," said Chris Caron, vice president of brand development for Duraflame, Inc, the firelog leader located in Stockton, Calif. "Consumers will now be able to enjoy a convenient and wood-like fire that burns warmer than firelogs."

Sold in three-log and six-log pre-packaged bundles, Stax logs create a quick fire. One three-log bundle produces an evening's fire with the flick of a match. Moreover, a six-log bundle is perfect for two or three fires. As
with all Duraflame firelogs, recycled wood fiber and renewable biowax make up the product's main ingredients.

Duraflame_Stax_W.jpg"Anyone grocery shopping can pick up a quick bundle and create an instant soothing fire," Caron said. "Until now firelogs have only been available to fireplace users, but Stax logs make firelogs accessible to wood stove users."

The Stax log formula has a lower BTU content per pound than traditional firelogs. This is what makes it possible to burn more than one log at a time. The firelogs are also harder than traditional firelogs so they will not break apart and flare up when burning.

According to consumer testing, committed firelog and firewood users have found Stax logs appealing because the fire "resembles a real wood fire." Consumers use Stax logs just as they would firewood, except there is no need for paper or kindling. The packaging has a lighting strip that starts easily with a match or lighter. Duraflame recommends that an initial Stax log fire start with two logs.

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