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Multistore Category: Paddy O'Furniture, Phoenix

Multistore Category: Paddy O'Furniture, Phoenix

Paddy O store front
In-house service capabilities help set the retailer apart in Arizona.

Tony Schindler, president of Paddy O'Furniture, could see the storm brewing a couple of years ago. The housing market was booming in Phoenix then, but home values were reaching astronomical heights.

“I was concerned because I knew it would end,” Schindler said. “The real estate crash has been a big blow to this market, but it's also been a good thing because we need to get home values back in range where it's attractive again for people in the Midwest who are looking for a retirement community.”

The trick for local businesses has been enduring the down times to get to the good times. Schindler said Paddy O'Furniture is ready.

“We've built our brand over the years to be able to sustain this economy better than those who haven't,” he said. “People are scrutinizing their purchases more and tend to buy from reputable companies that have been around longer than other players in the market.”

Tony and Phil Schindler
Tony and Phil Schindler

Part of that brand-building effort for Paddy O'Furniture has been opening a fourth store in the Phoenix area and relocating another one to a better location.

“That's positioned us for some internal growth to help overcome the shortfalls we're having,” said Schindler.

The retailer also has enjoyed good word-of-mouth thanks to its product selection and strong customer service. Schindler said the company adopts the cliché, “the customer is always right” and can handle almost every service issue in house.

“We do our own welding, re-slinging – pretty much everything,” he said. “We can get anything done we need to get done for our customers right here, and that's a key element that really sets us apart.”

That leaves Paddy O'Furniture well positioned for the next housing boom in Phoenix, whenever that may be.

“I think we need oil prices to come down first,” Schindler said. “Psychologically, gas prices coming down sends a message to everyone that things are getting better. It's all psychology.”

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