March returns warm favors for the West

While central and eastern areas stay chilly

Last year, March brought the nation its warmest temperatures in more than 21 years as 80% of the country trended warmer than normal. Temperatures were more reminiscent of early summer than spring across the Central and Eastern United States, and should have garnered interest in outdoor living categories much earlier than normal in the Northern locations. Meanwhile, the Western part of the nation was more like winter, with temperatures below normal and the most snowfall in three to six years.
     This month, temperatures will be much colder than last year across the Central and Eastern sections of the United States, although most of the country will likely be near the normal for this time of year. The second half of March will be the most challenging period for spring and outdoor categories across the Eastern two-thirds of the country as temperatures will experience the largest year over- year declines during this period. Planning off of last year will over-estimate the demand for outdoor categories.
     Following a cold March last year, the West Coast will trend warmer and more favorable for outdoor living categories, especially in the Northwest, which will be drier with less snowfall than last year.

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