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Going custom for kitchen renovations

Brooks CustomWESTCHESTER, N.Y. - The choices available to the homeowner for a kitchen renovation are endless. With so many options available from the countertops to the appliances, homeowners may find themselves settling into a decision, rather than making a decision.
Richard Brooks, owner and operator of Brooks Custom, specializes in custom countertops, backsplashes, range hoods, wall panels and architectural furniture using alternative materials (including wood, metal, glass and engineered-concrete). While Brooks has his best-selling product lines, he encourages the designers and builders to think outside the box when they come to him with a project for inside or out.
"Don't get me wrong, we love when people come in with a countertop they've downloaded from our website, but we also love when they just come to us with an original idea of their own," Brooks said. "If it involves metal, glass, wood or concrete - you can come to us with a rough sketch on a napkin and we'll make the countertop or range hood of your dreams."
This year, Brooks has seen a surge in custom range hoods and countertops that started from nothing but a loose concept or sketch. The finished product usually becomes a focal point in the kitchen - something that you can't match with a pre-made product from an online catalog.
"We don't like putting a limit on what's possible," Brooks said. "I think a lot of furniture makers out there forgot what ‘custom' really means."
Some of the projects Brooks has seen this year include custom patinated-zinc range hoods, patterned steel backsplashes, back-painted glass vanities and custom-distressed countertops - where the client can have total control to match the style they're after.
"If you're really going after something special for your kitchen renovation, custom is the only way to go," Brooks said. "When I walk into a custom-built kitchen, I can feel the difference. It's special."
For more information on Brooks Custom, visit its website:

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