Pregis adds Microfoam Green to its packaging line

Pregis Corp. has introduced a line extension for its Microfoam low-density polypropylene sheet foam packaging. Microfoam Green is now available as an alternative for agriculture, automotive, construction, electronics, appliance, food, fulfillment/mail order, furniture, houseware, moving/ storage, pharmaceutical, publishing and transportation companies interesting in elevating their environmental profile.

"We created a green-colored version of our long-standing white Microfoam sheet foam because many of our customers wanted to visually communicate the product's environmental pluses," explains Dache Davidson, director of marketing, Pregis.

Microfoam's photodegradable properties were recently validated by an independent lab. Three samples were subjected to UV and temperature conditions specified by ASTM G154-6 testing protocol. The results showed that Microfoam disintegrates between 44 and 77 hours.

Microfoam also is manufactured with 40% less resin than polyethylene foam in the same thickness and is lighter weight than small air cushioning at equal square footage. In addition to source reduction, this has a positive impact on shipping costs.

"It's important to brand owners that they communicate to consumers that the packaging choices they are making are positive ones. Microfoam Green gives them one more alternative. As the only U.S. manufacturer of PP sheet foam, we are pleased to be able to add this line extension to the Pregis family of products," Davidson says.

Microfoam also offers a high coefficient of friction (COF) which means that it clings to the item it is protecting. "Products typically vibrate and shift during transit. When they have polished metal surfaces, it becomes even more important that the cushioning material used for protection isn't the very thing that causes damage," said Davidson.

Microfoam Green is available in 1/16-inch thickness and roll widths of 24-, 36- and 72-inches. The roll length is 2,500 feet with custom options available.