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Backyard Brands, Pristiva strike exclusive distribution agreement

Pristiva products now available in Canada

Pristiva Inc., a subsidiary of Compass Minerals, today announced a distribution partnership with Backyard Brands, Inc., a leading distributor of pool and hot tub solutions in Canada.

Backyard Brands will be the exclusive distributor of Pristiva products to Canadian professional pool dealers. Pristiva is an advanced system for salt-water pool care that has been available in the U.S. since 2008.

"Partnering with Pristiva allows Backyard Brands to offer a complete pool care system that has been specifically designed for salt-water pools and supports our goal of healthier, more natural pool care," said Dennis Gray, president of Backyard Brands. "The Pristiva system enables consumers to enjoy the superior water quality and simpler maintenance of salt-water pools, and this agreement will allow our dealers to participate profitably in the salt-water pool boom and compete more effectively."

Pristiva's products combine the fastest-dissolving salt from Compass Minerals' mine in Nova Scotia with other minerals and additives to effectively address the unique needs of salt-water pools.

"By creating breakthrough products that set the new standard for salt-water pool care and making them available through Backyard Brands' network of specialty pool retailers, we're providing Canada's growing number of salt-water pool owners with unparalleled convenience and results," said Bob Harper, general manager, Pristiva.

The Pristiva system contains two products that work together to provide complete salt-water pool care. Pristiva Primer, used for pool start-ups, conversions, and periodically throughout the season, helps prevent scaling, staining and corrosion while protecting pool finishes and equipment. It also controls scaling on the cell plates of the electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG) to help extend cell life.

Pristiva Activator, added at start-up and throughout the season, is used to establish and maintain salinity levels. It replaces commodity pool salt and avoids problems caused by salt impurities. It also replenishes the ingredients in the Primer to help prevent scale, stains, corrosion and damage to pool finishes and equipment.

Specialty pool retailers who would like more information about the Pristiva system can contact Backyard Brands at 866-875-0012 or, or visit

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