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Trimmer Assist makes lawn care less painful

Bungee strap technology works with all string trimmers

Thirty years after the inception of the string lawn trimmer, the Trimmer Assist has been developed as an accessory to make the chore more efficient and comfortable.

Trimming edges of the lawn evolved over time from crawling on hands and knees with scissors to heavy, first-generation string trimmers. Modern machinery brought lighter string trimmers and hand-held blowers, but users found that carrying either for an extended time period created varying degrees of discomfort. String trimmer straps required multiple small steps to trim around objects. This extra movement makes the trimming process less efficient and in the end only serves to create more pain.

In a new advancement, the Trimmer Assist uses new bungee technology to facilitate as a shock absorber while allowing full movement. This re-bounce action allows users to trim longer, faster and with less fatigue than conventional straps, according to inventor and developer Tony Hanes.

The Trimmer Assist is a universal landscaping strap, as it works well with all string trimmers, hand-held blowers and edgers. "I ordered the Trimmer Assist for my boyfriend, who suffered a broken neck and spinal cord injury a couple years ago. He has used the product and absolutely loves it," consumer Jamie Clouse said.

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