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Tropitone introduces URComfort sling outdoor seating

Sling offering complements URComfort cushion lineup

Tropitone Furniture Company opened the International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market at the Chicago Merchandise Mart by announcing the introduction of the sling versions of its new URComfort line of outdoor seating.

URComfort Lakeside sling, TropitoneURComfort Lakeside sling
"We introduced the cushion versions of URComfort during the ICFA Preview Show in July with great success," said Tanya Stevens, VP of marketing and service operations for Tropitone. "With all the excitement created by the URComfort cushion lineup, our customers wanted to know when the sling versions would be ready for introduction. We were happy to tell them that they would be on our showroom floor at the September market."

"The adjustable URComfort system allows you to find the most comfortable position without getting out of the seat," said Stevens. "There is an adjustable tension knob on each side of the seat that allows you to restrict or encourage movement. Whether you want less movement sitting at a table or more movement with your feet on an ottoman, the URComfort system can be easily adjusted to your satisfaction."

Both sling and cushion versions of URComfort - derived from "Ultimate Reclining Comfort" and pronounced "your comfort" - are offered in two of Tropitone's most popular frame designs, Montreux and Lakeside. Both were designed by Peter Homestead, VP of design. "Montreux and Lakeside have been extremely successful for us, and their designs can be adapted to a broad range of styles with multiple finish and fabric options. We wanted to match this innovative idea with trusted designs," said Homestead.

The range of fabric sling designs for URComfort is also new for Tropitone. "URComfort is a very compelling idea. Like the cushions, we wanted to make sure the fabric sling designs were equally as attractive," said Victoria Dawson, manager of fashion design and marketing events. "The URComfort designs include traditional single-layer slings, double-layer Duplex slings and elegant new padded slings. All three fabric sling design options are available for both Montreux and Lakeside URComfort."

Traditional single-layer slings offer a combination of clean lines, designer fabrics and care-free maintenance. The new double-layer Duplex sling enhances the sling design by including for the top layer an assortment of color-coordinated cushion fabrics. These fabrics previously could not be used for sling applications except as the top layer of a padded sling. The use of different coordinated fabrics for the top and bottom layers expands design flexibility. The double-layer design also offers added durability. The new padded sling was first introduced as a custom application for commercial designers. The idea was imported to URComfort based upon positive responses from designers.

URComfort Lakeside sling, TropitoneThe design is enhanced by the function and comfort of the URComfort articulated movement system. A patent for the system has been applied for and is pending.

"Conventional outdoor recliners are single-pivot-point movement systems that utilize a manual ratchet or some other indexing device to set the angle of the back," said Richard Rivera, VP of engineering. "The seat stays in one position while the back can be manually adjusted to various fixed angles. While products using this design are functional and comfortable, our engineering objective was to take both to another level."

The URComfort system utilizes multiple pivot points to allow articulated movement of both back and seat. This concept is starting to emerge in such advanced products as the Iacobucci HF VIP aviation seats and the first-class seats of the new Boeing 737. "We have uniquely applied the multi-pivot-point idea to the outdoor environment," said Rivera. "One of our critical engineering design objectives was to make the articulated movement system simple and durable. URComfort can be adapted to any body size and weight with a simple adjustment of a single knob on each side of the seat. The few moving parts are elegantly simple and easy to maintain."

Both Montreux and Lakeside URComfort sling seating are offered in petite lounge chair, petite swivel action lounger, high-back petite lounge chair, high-back petite swivel action lounger, action lounger and swivel action lounger. Both are offered in all current frame finishes. Single-layer slings are offered in all fabrics approved for slings. Duplex and padded slings are offered in all fabrics approved for padded slings.

Both Montreux and Lakeside URComfort cushion seating are offered in petite lounge chair, petite swivel action lounger, action lounger, swivel action lounger, love seat and sofa. Both the love seat and sofa offer independent movement of two seats. One person can be reclining while another is sitting upright. Lakeside also offers optional fabric side panels on all models. Both are offered in all current frame finishes and cushion fabrics.

For more information on the URComfort line of outdoor seating, visit

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