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Deco Breeze promotes advantages of selling decorative fans

Campaign educates furniture retailers about benefits

After a tremendously successful year, decorative fan company Deco Breeze has begun to make a major push to let furniture stores worldwide know how they too can utilize the winning products the company designed and created five years ago.
"Deco Breeze has had an incredible year with sales up over 40% in 2010," spokesman Carlos Lee Reed said. "While retailers of every size are now selling our floor and desk fans, we have never really tried to let the furniture stores know what they can do with a decorative fan. The key word here is decorative."
"Deco Breeze fans are functional and decorative, just like any lamp, clock or other item that a furniture store would have on their floor today to accessorize their vignettes and room groups," Reed said. "The problem is, for years fans were looked at only as industrial type products. With our fans this is certainly not the case. Our fans are as beautiful as they are functional."
Just like ceiling fans made the transition years ago to become decorative, Deco Breeze faced similar challenges as it introduced its decorative fans.
"We have over 6,000 customers now and we are adding more on a weekly basis, so that says something for the quality, look and sales of the product. That statement is even more astounding since it is happening in this tough economy," said Reed. "Deco Breeze has had several years to perfect the designs, the assembly, the function and the packaging. More importantly retailers are looking for something different, and unlike ceiling fans, that are almost impossible for furniture stores to display, our fans can be moved to a variety of settings. They can add to a room and they can become money-makers for the retailer as well. The retailer can have the best of both worlds."
When it comes to the fan category many retailers misunderstand the importance of the function the products provide.
"Some retailers may believe fans are only for the warmer months when nothing could be further from the truth," Reed said. "While a fan does provide cooler air, air circulation is critical during the months when home furnaces are running and air becomes trapped in the home. Undoubtedly, sinus issues, allergies and other conditions are better controlled when air is moving in a home. Deco Breeze products simply help our retailer's customers do this in a much more beautiful and decorative way."
For further information about Deco Breeze and other Global Product Resources products, contact the company at 800-979-4FAN (4326) or visit its Website at


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