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Color Forecast - Living in Harmony

Colors meld the past with the future in 2011

Trend forecasters say the concept of moving forward - without forgetting the trying times of late - is the fundamental influence for color palettes in 2011. Chaotic times have led us on a quest for stability and the creation of harmonious relationships with each other, our surroundings and even ourselves.

Living in Harmony
Living in Harmony

     As the mood begins to pick up, the mindset is about practicality and not just throwing things away. Instead the emphasis is on doing what is necessary to revamp. The color trends for 2011 will center on the concept of evolving and blending the past with the future to create a brand new level of fresh.
     The first palette is shaped by respect for the earth and driven by concepts of homesteading or living off the land.

Living in Harmony
Living in Harmony

     This palette is dominated by vegetable tones, mineral hues and natural neutrals such as hay and milk.
     The next examines nostalgia as an influence and harkens back to decades past. Classic and fundamental basics such as black, brown, beige and taupe with accents of red populate the spectrum.

     Following is a whimsical grouping that centers on dreamscapes and fanciful visions. The palette drifts into dreamy pales with frosted and opalescent qualities.
     Finally an eclectic patchwork of rich hues plucked from all over the globe completes the forecast, representing the idea of humanity living under one communal blanket.


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