Joe Ruggiero designs weaves for Viro fibers with focus on green

Weather-resistant woven patterns complement Sunbrella outdoor fabrics

Inspired by thoughts of his granddaughter’s future, designer Joe Ruggiero joined with Viro, maker of all weather wicker, to develop a premier line of eco-friendly woven patterns that will debut at the Hospitality Design Expo in May.

“Becoming a grandfather for the first time has made me more conscious than ever about the future and the world I will leave to my grandchild,” Ruggiero said. “My work with Viro is inspirational because of the product’s unique capabilities and the benefits of being non-toxic and recyclable. Who knows, my designs for Viro could be around for my granddaughter to enjoy.”

Ruggiero designed the weather-resistant woven patterns to complement Sunbrella outdoor fabrics, for which he has designed more than 1,000 patterns.

A collection of three weaves - Antique, Leather Like and Natural - will launch at the HD Expo in Las Vegas, May 15-17. Ruggiero had a different inspiration for each. Antique was inspired by a woven antique child’s chair from the 1800s. Leather Like evokes the woven leather of equestrian harnessing and tack. Natural refers to the woven art of basketry from Tuscany, Provence and England. Each of these designs comes in 11 colors.

Viro fibers are highly customizable and specifically designed and engineered for outdoor use. Designers can choose from a wide range of profiles, colors, textures and surface effects. Viro is UV stabilized, high-density polyethylene, a non-toxic, recyclable material that out-performs natural wicker in many ways.

Ruggiero, who found the combination of Viro’s unique capabilities and green qualities to be a perfect fit, has influenced millions of consumers who look to him for fresh design ideas and trend direction. His entry into green design will no doubt lead consumers toward more sustainable choices.

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