Exclusive Research -- Casual Living's '100 Powerhouse Specialists'

Lists significant players

Casual Living’s exclusive report, 100 Powerhouse Specialists, lists 100 casual furniture retailers that are significant players within their respective markets. 

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100 Powerhouse Specialists

This list is by no means comprehensive. Many more than the 100 specialists listed here are strong retailers within their communities. Companies are not ranked, but are listed alphabetically. 

Only casual furniture specialty stores, including hearth/patio specialists and pool/patio specialists, qualified for the survey. Big box retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Target are not included. 

All sales figures and ranges are for total 2006 store sales, which may include revenues from the sale of products other than outdoor furniture and accessories. Where possible, the percentage of sales from outdoor furniture and accessories is reported. 

Sales figures and store counts are for the calendar year 2006. All sales figures, except for publicly held companies that break out casual furniture and accessory sales as a separate line of business, are Casual Living market research estimates. 

Sales estimates were derived through direct mail surveys, faxes and telephone discussions with the companies themselves and with industry analysts and suppliers. 

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