High Point Market takes new name

New logo debuts in preparation for fall market

High Point MarketThe International Home Furnishings Market dropped its more formal name in favor of the one most attendees know it by, the High Point Market.

The High Point Market Authority adopted its new name last Wednesday, at the same time it unveiled a pair of new logos, multi-branched trees as symbols of the High Point Market and its official sponsor. Officials said the logos, designed to change colors with the spring and fall markets, reflect the region’s history in case goods manufacturing and its changing seasons.   “While a logo was developed for the Authority around the time of its inception, none has existed for the Market itself,” said Brian Casey, High Point Market Authority president. “In reevaluating Market’s brand, we have been faced with two challenges: The first, and most critical, is the official name, which we found few industry executives actually using. Both in this country and beyond, people refer to our bi-annual event as ‘High Point,’ or ‘High Point Market,’ just as they say, ‘Cologne,’ ‘Shanghai,’ ‘Paris,’ ‘New York’ and so on.”  The multi-branched tree logo speaks to the High Point Market’s early history and the furniture makers who essentially planted the seed for Market years ago, he said. “From these great roots we have grown to encompass all the branches or categories of the home furnishings industry,” Casey said. “And, like the Market itself, our tree is a living, growing organism encompassing many, many parts. Our tree also symbolizes ongoing growth, both of individual businesses and individuals, thanks to the myriad educational offerings we have offered in the past and will expand further as we move ahead in the future.” The market set for Oct. 16-22 will be the first to start on a Monday rather than a Thursday.

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