Foss Manufacturing leads in 'green' direction

Foss Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of non-woven fabrics and specialty synthetic fibers, has introduced Ecospun, a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles. Ecospun can also be blended with the company's patented Fosshield antimicrobial fiber technology to create durable and natural antimicrobial fabrics.

Ecospun fiber can be added to any textile product, including home furnishings, clothing, blankets, auto interiors, carpets, wall coverings and craft felt. By blending this recycled fiber with its Fosshield antimicrobial technology, Foss has created a unique antimicrobial fiber blend. Fosshield is an all-natural bicomponent polyester fiber that includes a built-in, silver- and copper-based inorganic antimicrobial additive. When woven or needle-punched into fabrics, this blend inhibits the growth of destructive bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus while maintaining all the environmentally friendly aspects of Ecospun.

With the creation of Ecospun, Hampton, N.H.-based Foss Manufacturing continues to lead the way to "green" manufacturing in the textile industry. Because roughly 10 bottles comprise one pound of fiber, the production of Ecospun can keep nearly 3 billion plastic PET bottles out of world landfills each year, saving over half a million barrels of oil and eliminating 400,000 tons of harmful air emissions.

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