Richard Frinier wins ASFD Pinnacle Award

Kyoto Collection for Century awarded

Richard Frinier’s Kyoto collection for Century Furniture won the American Society of Furniture Designers’ Pinnacle Award for the Summer/Casual category.

The award was one of 15 presented at the October High Point Market in the International Home Furnishings Center during a banquet with nearly 300 guests.
Judges described Kyoto as “a perfect example of taking outdoor or patio furniture to a new sophisticated level. It at once demonstrates refined scale but with attention to comfort. There is an extensive range of product to complete any design, whether it is used inside the home or out.”   
The Kyoto Collection features 12 seating and table designs composed of durable aluminum frames and luxurious tailored cushions. Inspired interpretations of traditional elements found in the architecture of teahouses, shoji screens and tatami mats form the heart and soul of this modern classic. Kyoto is rich in visual references to Asia’s past and carries the Japanese sensibility of “shibui,” which means understated and refined. Its framework, finished in the aged appearance of Raku pottery, presents the unique aesthetic of crackle-glazed ceramics originated in Asia during the 1500s.
Century Furniture’s New Traditional by Bill Faber also won the Pinnacle Award for major collections. Judges found the collection versatile and adaptable in multiple environments.
Charleston Forge’s Hudson Collection by John Kolkka won the Casual Dining category. Judges commented, “This winning collection adapts beautifully from a contemporary lifestyle to a mountain retreat, cityscape or traditional setting.”