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Tropitone launching new wedge tables

TropitoneTropitone's new wedge tables can be used to create angled or crescent arrangements with any seating.
IRVINE, Calif. - Outdoor furniture manufacturer Tropitone Furniture Company announced that at the upcoming Casual Preview Show, held July 16-18, it will introduce new wedge tables for creating angled and crescent arrangements using any seating.

"A universal trend for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces is the increasing importance of interactive gathering spaces," said Tom Keddy, director of product management. "In many gathering spaces a fireplace, fire pit or fire table serve as the focal point. Since gathering spaces tend to be more communal, the ideal seating arrangements should be at an angle or in a crescent shape to perpetuate conversation and interaction.

"Our new wedge tables were designed to create these interactive seating arrangements using any seating. They are especially versatile when used in combination with our square and rectangular ottoman tables."

The four new wedge table bases are available in two of the Tropitone brand's most popular designs - Montreux and Lakeside. These two transitional designs span a wide range of style preferences. The four new base models include Montreux wedge tea table, Montreux wedge end table, Lakeside wedge tea table and Lakeside wedge end table.

The tea tables are 18 inches high and the end tables are 22 inches high. The aluminum bases can be finished in any of the Tropitone brand's 20 powder coat colors.

Each of the four new wedge table bases will be introduced with 11 table top color options - two Faux Marble, six Faux Granite and three Solid Colors. The wedge tea table top models are 23" x 15" and the wedge end table top models are 30" x 25".

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