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Terminix introduces new line of mosquito repellers

Terminix AllclearThe Allclear Tabletop mosquito repeller kit by Terminix
DALLAS - As summer arrives and outdoor activity increases, Universal Pest Solutions is helping consumers "beat the bite" of mosquitos with the Terminix Allclear Tabletop mosquito repeller and the Terminix Allclear Sidekick mosquito repeller.

These new area repellents are an ideal accompaniment to any outdoor activity where mosquitoes, gnats or midges might be a problem. The Tabletop and Sidekick mosquito repellers use a fan-based diffusion technology to circulate a botanical mixture of lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint and geranium oils that's safe, when used as directed, to protect people outdoors without needing to spray anything on the skin. According to a press release, "this all-natural mixture has proven equal to synthetic chemical options in safely and effectively repelling up to 95% of mosquitoes."

Eighty percent of Americans say that they prefer using natural products for themselves and their families, when available, according to a new survey conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Universal Pest Solutions, manufacturers of the Terminix Allclear products. Eighty-eight percent said they would choose a natural mosquito repellent if it were proven just as effective as repellents that contain chemicals.

The study also found that nearly 40% of U.S. adults don't use mosquito repellent because they don't like to put chemicals on their skin.

"It is important Americans are vigilant about protecting themselves and their families from mosquitoes," said Stanton E. Cope, Ph.D., manager of technical services for Terminix International. "Not only are they a terrible nuisance, but 2012 was one of the worst seasons for West Nile Virus on record with a reported 5,387 cases. While it's early in the season, there have already been two cases of West Nile Virus reported this year."

The Tabletop mosquito repeller is a portable, battery-powered unit about the size of a travel mug. It's safe when used as directed and effectively and naturally repels mosquitoes, gnats and midges from areas up to 15x15 feet, the release states. One refill cartridge (included) lasts 18 hours. The kit includes one Tabletop unit, two AAA batteries and one refill (MSRP $14.99).

The Sidekick mosquito repeller is an all-natural, clipable mosquito repeller that clips at the waistband, attaches to a chaise or hangs on a beach chair to protect personal space. One refill cartridge (included) lasts 18 hours. The kit includes one clipable unit, two AAA batteries and one refill (MSRP $9.99).

The Terminix Allclear Mosquito Solutions product line also includes the all-natural Mosquito Mister Lantern and the Backyard Mosquito Mister, newly updated for the 2013 summer season.