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Deanne FlandersDeanne Flanders
Internet sales account for about 10% of all retail sales, but more than 80%of customers who shop retail brick-and-mortar go online first.
     Whether you are a retailer or manufacturer, efficiency is critical to get in on the ground floor of digital marketing.
     First, though, you must recognize that there are many forms of digital marketing, costs are all over the board, and results can be difficult to measure.
     Enter PreRoll, an advertisement that is an online commercial. It appears prior to the start of an online video that a consumer has chosen to watch. You might have seen one on a national website like Fox News, CNN or your own favorite website. PreRoll advertising has been cost-prohibitive for all but the largest of corporations and retailers up until now.
     In January 2012, Premium PreRoll was launched locally allowing "small" area businesses to effectively target their trading area online, reaching their target consumer inexpensively and prominently across thousands of websites, just like the big guys have been doing.
     Deanne & Wayne & co. are one of the first ad agencies to partner with ViaMedia, who provides the ad network resource that makes the locally targeted market possible. Together with ViaMedia, we were the first to expose the outdoor furniture industry to the concept at the 2012 Casual Market in Chicago.
     Effective opening turn-key packages can include almost 100,000 guaranteed impressions. As an added benefit, the Premium PreRoll video is clickable, so if you designate a landing page on your website, the Google Analytics report will spell out precisely when and how many people are visiting your website from the video and how long they stay on your website.
     If you're already running consistently on television and cable, the PreRoll allows you to create mini-events within your major one. For instance, if you're having a pre-season patio event highlighting fashion, selection and savings, you can create a PreRoll to air online within the same time period, highlighting your new products, special events and authorized sales to your best retailers.
     If you're a multi-store retailer, you can generate mini-campaigns for one or more stores efficiently without sacrificing the budget of the others.
     Manufacturers can also use edited versions of their own videos. By providing the video and partial funding to their key dealers, they can guarantee quality branding to the most-qualified consumers in targeted neighborhoods. Compare the cost of 90,000 direct mail pieces to these homes versus 90,000 impressions online - the numbers will astound you!

     Measureable results. An exact count of how many of your customers saw your commercial each day. By adding the click-through URL element, you can create dynamic offers to engage potential new customers.
     An intimate, engaged audience. A person buried in a tablet, smartphone or laptop is paying more attention than someone cooking dinner and doing homework with the TV on in the background. "Research shows that online video ads impact recall and purchase intent more than broadcast or cable," according to A Brand Marketer's Guide to Video, May 2011 study.
     Your target audience. PreRoll is a way to play your video to your customers in your area. We have found that working with ViaMedia can allow us to offer exclusive campaigns that play your preroll videos only on high-quality, nationally recognized websites like HGTV, Fox News and Food Network.
     A savvy audience. The way people are consuming media is changing radically. While studies show that less than half of all 18-34-year olds' primary video viewer ship diet is broadcast TV and your target audience is probably a middle to upscale 25-54-year-old, most middle and upscale homes have at least one computer and more than 80% of consumers are online shopping before they come to your store. Getting them to your website with a direct link from your current video is one of the hottest prospects you have. "Plugged-in" consumers are searching for brands, product information, fabrics and pricing online, even when they plan to sit in a product before they actually purchase it.
     Low cost allows more flexibility. If you wanted to buy inventory on major websites like HGTV, USA and Fox News, it would cost a fortune. A PreRoll schedule can include multiple videos to different areas and can run on varied days. Use PreRoll to develop new business in "hot" neighborhoods. Use PreRoll to announce truckloads, new products or limited offers. Use PreRoll to reach your best customers in an engaged, personal way on their computer.
     Stay visible during slow periods. Don't drop all your advertising in between your big events. Stay visible to your best neighborhoods and customers. Your reach and frequency will stay stronger for your usual television events.
     Online video is in its infancy so you can be in on the ground floor. Online video can be seen anytime, anywhere, on demand from many devices and these powerful stats demonstrate just how fast this media is growing.

     Consistency is paramount as in any advertising so we suggest you give this a three-month initial trial. Digital marketing should be on your plate and it's priced like meatloaf, not filet mignon. Serve it up and your customers will love it.

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