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Recipe of the Week - August 30, 2012


Slow Grilled Pork Shoulder

4-6lb Pork Shoulder
1 Cup Brown Sugar
Bull Cajun Rub
Saran Wrap
Heavy Duty Rub

1. Unpackaged and clean pork shoulder and pat dry with paper towel.
2. Rub a very thin layer of Mustard all over the Pork shoulder
3. Heavily sprinkle Bull Cajun Rub(or favorite Pork Rub) all over the Pork Shoulder and pat in gently
4. Lay out enough Saran Wrap to entirely wrap the Pork Shoulder and wrap. Make sure every inch of the pork shoulder is wrapped in saran wrap.
5. Place pork shoulder in the refrigerator for 8-24 hours.
6. One hour prior to putting the pork shoulder on the grill, take the pork shoulder out of the refrigerator and let the shoulder come to room temperature(about one hour)
7. Fire up your Bull Grill, turn on left and right burners to low and have middle burners off, let grill heat up to about 275 degrees
8. Take Brown Sugar and Rub over the top of the pork shoulder
9. Place pork Shoulder over middle of the grill(burners underneath off) Grill for 1.5 Hours with lid closed
10. Gently take Pork Shoulder off grill and double wrap in Heavy Duty Foil so no juices escape, Put back on grill(over burners that are off)
11. Let grill get back up to 275 degrees and grill until digital thermometer reads 200 degrees(3-6 hours depending on the size)
12. Take Shoulder off and let shoulder rest for 5 minutes so juices soak back into the meat
13. Unwrap foil off the shoulder, pull bone out, discard all fat and enjoy!

fire roasted chilisFire Roasted Hatched Green Chilies

8-10 Fresh Hatch Green Chilies
Table Spoon Olive Oil
Zip Lock Bag

1. Wash Hatch Green Chilies
2. Lightly brush Olive Oil all over the Hatch Green Chilies
3. Turn all burners on Med-High on your gas grill
4. Place Hatch Green Chilies directly over the fire
5. Grill for 2-3 minutes until you start seeing the Hatch Green Chili starting to turn dark and blister
6. Continuously turn the Hatch Green Chili till the whole chili has dark roasting marks on it(make sure not to burn the chili)
7. Trim off all stems on the Hatch Green Chili to make sure it doesn’t puncture the Zip Lock bag (make sure you don’t cut into the meat of the chili)
8. Place all the Hatch Green Chilies into a Zip Lock bag and seal tightly so the chilies will steam 9. Steam for 30 minutes
10. Once chilies have steamed and cooled down take out of the Zip Lock bag and deseed and take the outer layer of skin off
11. Enjoy!

Green Chilies Sliders

12 Hamburger or Turkey Slider Patties 6 Fire Roasted Hatched Green Chilies 12 Thinly Sliced Provolone Cheese
1 Cup of Grilled Guacamole
12 Slider Buns

1. Wash Hatch Green Chilies and Roast to perfection(see attached)
2. Turn grill on to Med-High
3. Grill Hamburger or Turkey Slider Patties to your preferred doneness
4. Toast Buns on top rack of grill
5. Take grilled Slider Patties and place a slice of Fire Roasted Hatch Green Chili(see attached)
6. Place a slice of provolone cheese on a cutting board and get a drinking glass that has the same parameter as the slider and punch out slices of the cheese
7. Place cheese on top of Hatch Green Chili
8. Place loaded patty back on the grill and melt everything together
9. Place melted patty on toasted bun and put a table spoon of Grilled Guacamole on top of the melted patty, top with bun
10. Enjoy!

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