Free future weather forecasts for all

Weather Trends International launches consumer-friendly weather forecasting website
Weather Trends International is taking the guesswork out of planning future outdoor events.
The 2009 Forbes Most Promising Company has launched weathertrends360, the only source for free future weather information. The easy, consumer-friendly tool is accessible to everyone who wants to see future weather anywhere in the world - be it an hour or 360 days into the future.
Weather Trends International developed weathertrends360 by converting its high-level statistical weather forecasting model. Consumers now have access to the weather forecasting model, now used by governments, financial houses like JP Morgan and Citi, major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, Agway and AutoZone, and by hundreds of seasonal category suppliers like Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Duraflame, Eastman Outdoors and Black & Decker.
While consumers don’t need the level of detail that businesses do, everyone could use a little help preparing for that next event, said Bill Kirk, founder and CEO of Weather Trends International. That important event may be a garden party, wedding or vacation getaway. Kirk said the weather planning questions may be "when that last freeze will be so we can start thinking spring or is the fall going to be warm and dry (like this year), extending the outdoor patio season four to eight weeks longer than last year. Imagine making a date for a barbeque picnic or golf outing and not having to keep your fingers crossed about the weather. No more leaving the weather to chance."
For example, ask one of the brides who consulted Weather Trends a year ahead of her outdoor wedding day. "I began asking the people who power weathertrends360 for my wedding a year in advance of the date, since my heart was set on an outdoor ceremony," she said. "A year before my wedding they predicted a dry day with good temperatures. Within two weeks, they predicted a perfect afternoon C similar to what they predicted a year prior. Even though other weather sources were calling for thunderstorms, I was so confident that we didn't even rent a tent. The day arrived and it was just as they predicted. I was a happy bride, who recited my vows outside beside a stream with not a cloud or raindrop in sight. A perfect wedding day! Thanks to weathertrends360.”
Now for the first time, anyone can check the weather 360 days into the future. Simply complete the online registration (30 seconds), enter a location and date, and see how the weather will be “trending” from the next hour to day 360 anywhere in the world.
"While we can’t change the weather, it’s about time we’re able to plan more than two weeks ahead for it," Kirk said. "The future looks bright with far fewer rained out picnics, soggy brides, frozen gardens and disappointed vacationers."
So go ahead, go take a look into the future at and start planning for your next important event.

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