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Q: If you could choose your neighbors, what stores would you want next door?

Marc McDonald, Leisure Living

First, I would want a Home Depot, Costco, big box-type store. This would drive traffic to my store in which customers could shop and compare and see the thousands of advantages and the terrific choices we can offer them that the big box store cannot. Second, I would want a viable full-line furniture store in the area that advertises regularly and has a tremendous presence in the marketplace. We would then be in a position to take advantage again of the customer traffic for furniture and show these customers the advantages of a casual furniture specialty store and the products and services we can provide. Third, I would want any other type of store that commands a community presence because of their great advertising and expertise in merchandising and selling their products. This would help bring a similar customer to ours in the store and help expose our products and services to this customer base.

Mary Fruehauf, Freuhauf's Patio & Garden Center

Our first choice would be restaurants, nice restaurants of some sort for multiple reasons. One, we could send customers who have finished their purchases (to the restaurant), they are always asking us for restaurant recommendations, and since we are a destination shop people have often driven a long ways and are wanting to make a day of it and go out to dinner afterwards. And then also the draw the restaurant would bring — the same type of customers that we would be looking for would be coming to a nice restaurant as well so that works in both directions. Also, which we already have, a hot tub place — it's right across the street from us — which is nice because we don't sell spas and that's drawing the same type of people for outdoor living, so you get people trying to do their outdoor living areas back and forth.

Todd Brewer, Hoigaards

We just moved to a strip mall with a salon, vet, cleaners, liquor store, tennis shop, hardware store and another furniture store. I think the mix is good. Most of the shops create traffic frequency which helps a destination business. The tennis shop and other furniture store bring the right demographic. I do believe the key to understanding who your target customer is, where they live and where they shop.

Pallis Pool & Patio

Ideally, we would like an upscale nursery, selling landscaping, etc., and a very good restaurant on the other side — yum. Lots of traffic and us in the middle.

Rex Maynard, Maynard's Home Furnishings

Havertys. We're a full-line furniture store like Havertys, so they would attract additional traffic to our store. They offer a product similar to ours, but slightly lower. They run a reputable business with no gimmicks. I don't believe they sell casual furniture.

Judy Evans Sleeper, All Decked Out Casual

I'd like to be next to a grocery store. Everyone goes grocery shopping — regardless of income, etc. At some point everyone passes your window, including people that you haven't impacted with your advertising, but they probably recognize your name.

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