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Weather Trends - January 2007

The warmest January

A year ago, January was the warmest in 112 years of records. This, combined with well below average snowfall, helped to bring ideal conditions for strong store traffic. Early spring categories actually did very well while winter-related merchandise was put on steep markdowns.

This year brings a wholesale change thanks in part to the weak to moderate El Nino, a warming of the Pacific Ocean that alters weather patterns across the globe. Based on 150 years of data, weak to moderate El Ninos bring a cold winter 80% of the time while a strong El Nino, such as is expected in late 2007 and early 2008, brings a warm winter 70% of the time. During the last El Nino in 2004, January brought twice the normal snowfall to many locations across the country and the month ranked colder than typical. Expect a repeat this month.

El Ninos bring ample moisture

across the southern tier of the

United States and that increases

the likelihood of bigger snowstorms.

Unfortunately snowy months can curtail store traffic, which hurts overall retail performance. But, if you’re selling coats, skis, snow tools and hot beverages it’s a great news story in the making as consumers will brave the elements for must-have items. The other big winners in a cold and snowy January are pizza delivery shops and movie rental stores. Overall, January 2007 is expected to trend the third coldest in 10 years. January temperature forecastJanuary temperature forecast


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