R.H. Peterson makes staff promotions

Employees have years of experience with company and industry

Robert H. Peterson has announced several promotions. 

Michael Waller was promoted to assistant vice president of sales. Known for his charismatic and energetic style of training in sales and technical services, Waller has more than 17 years of experience in the gas-log and grill industry and is recognized as an expert in this field. 

Elaine Remy was promoted to director of marketing. Over the past 23 years with the company, Remy has previously held the positions of credit manager and marketing manager, and planning the R.H. Peterson customer-appreciation event at HPBExpo is just one of her responsibilities in the company. 

David Keck was promoted to assistant vice president. With 16 years of experience at R.H Peterson, Keck is a third-generation member of the R.H. Peterson family. Keck's grandfather, Harold, created the Fire Magic brand in 1937 and was followed by Keck’s father, Robert, who served as a company officer until he retired two years ago. 

Martin Yan was promoted to director of engineering. For more than 11 years, Yan has been instrumental in the design and engineering of many new and innovative products from the Real-Fyre and Fire Magic brands. 

Joe Valencia was promoted to purchasing manager. Valencia’s previous experience in the grill industry, coupled with his excellent negotiation skills, has proven to be of great value in his two years with the company. 

Julie Velasco was promoted to customer service supervisor. For the past 12 years, Velasco has been the voice of the order desk, and she is known for her upbeat and friendly personality.