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Embrace the eco-chic trend

Mark Abrams -- Casual Living, November 1, 2007

I hope you like the color green.

I am not just talking about the newest color from Benjamin Moore Paints. If you have not noticed over the last year or so, the global use of green has become more apparent in how we live, shop, drive and behave with our dollars and purchasing power. Whether it is food, fuel, building materials and/or home furnishings products, “green” has become fashionable for some and a way of life for many.

I was always told as a child to have manners. Say “thank you,” “yes sir” and “no ma'am,” but not how to live more globally. We turned down the heat in the house and tried not to burn too much gas in the car. Honestly because I think my father did not want to have to pay for the extra fuel!

We didn't worry about the trees and the trickle down of the use of paper and the like. My Dad actually worked at a paper company that produced the white poster board that became the pizza box and the poster paper that you used in the class project. I knew even as a youngster that the trees that were harvested were also replanted each year. It was all part of the cycle to keep us fed, clothed, educated and so on.

Now as an adult in 2007, I think we have to become more educated and understand how it affects our businesses and how we live. But I know I have a long way to go.

One start is with the simple purchase of florescent bulbs. I use them in my studio to work from. My overhead lamps have been changed to florescent spots. They use less wattage and keep the space cooler in the summer than the halogen bulbs that I like. Even I have learned to adapt. I try to purchase recycled when I can. Even Starbucks uses recycled coffee cups and napkins.

Recognizing the way we're going green, how is your store doing?

Do you sell recycled products or use them?

Have you converted to using florescent spot bulbs to show off the product in your store instead of all incandescent which burns with more wattage?

Do you sell antiques or refurbished products?

Do you recycle the trash?

Or even drive a hybrid?

Being socially responsible is going to take some time, but I feel we all have to make an effort. I do love the color green. To be exact, Benjamin Moore #2026-40 Apple Green is a favorite when you want a punch of color in your store, but going globally green will take more than a can of paint.

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